Cops Thrash Occupants of a Brand New Toyota Innova Crysta For Lockdown Violation

by Kshitij Rawat | 26/03/2020
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Here’s a video from South India that shows cops beating occupants of brand new Toyota Innova Crysta out on a joyride in violation of country-wide lockdown

With novel coronavirus (Covid-19) turning into a global pandemic, Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister of India, has announced a complete state of lockdown throughout the country. The announcement was made on 25th March 2020, and is in effect till 14th April, although it could be extended indefinitely if the situation worsens. Sadly, there are a lot of people who are in defiance of the lockdown, thereby posing risk to themselves as well as others. One such case has emerged from South India.

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Cops Thrash Occupants of a Brand New Toyota Innova Crysta For Lockdown Violation

As seen in the video, the police officers first stop the white Innova Crysta out on a joyride, and then gets its occupants out. One had to be pulled out forcefully, while the rest step out willingly. In total, there were six occupants on board. The police, comprising of both male and female officers, then proceed to thrash the joyriders. While we do not condone such violence and police brutality, the occupants of the Innova were largely at fault for disobeying the lockdown. The video mostly consists of bamboo batons being flailed around, and the miscreant pleading for the cops to stop. Also, some cops also came in direct contact to these stranger via touch, which was a disastrous move on their part.

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Cops Thrash Occupants of a Brand New Toyota Innova Crysta For Lockdown Violation

Police are cracking down hard on people violating the lockdown

As Covid-19 has been known to spread via human contact, it is extremely necessary for each and every individual to stay calm and stay home. Social distancing is currently our best option of dealing with this pandemic. There have been multiple cases where people, either due to poor judgement or due to general disregard, have refused to pay heed to these instructions, thereby affecting everyone with whom they come in contact.

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There are, however, some exceptions to the lockdown. People can still buy groceries, medicines, and other household necessities, although in a limited time frame in the morning. Also, people are allowed to travel for medical emergencies, household emergencies, etc. The more careful we are, the easier it will be for the country to recover from this pandemic.

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