All You Need to Know About Driving License Fees in Haryana

by Vivaan Khatri | 14/01/2020
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To legally drive on public roads, drivers need driving licenses. Here come a guide to driving license application and details on driving license fees in Haryana.

A driving license is one of the most important personal documents which every citizen should keep on his or her side. On top of that, it is compulsory for every driver and motorcyclist to obtain a driving license before they drive any vehicles in public areas. The driving license provision process can be different from state to state.

In the following article, we will answer all the frequently asked questions regarding the driving license application in Haryana, including how to apply and how much is the driving license fees in Haryana.

1. Types of driving licenses in Haryana

In Haryana, based on vehicles types, driving license can come in seven different types as follows:

Types of Vehicle Explanation

Motorcycle without gear

Motorcycles like mopeds and scooters

Motorcycle with gear

All types of motorcycles with gear

Light motor vehicle

All types of regular cars, from sedan, hatchback, SUVs

Transport vehicle

Passenger vehicles like vans, truck, buses and

Invalid carriage

One seater vehicles, buggies, or self-propelled vehicles for disabled people

Road roller

Vehicles with roller used for road construction

A motor vehicle of a specified description

Other types of vehicles

2. Who can apply for a driving license in Haryana?

In order to be eligible for applying for a driving license, an applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • To get a driving license for vehicles with an engine capacity of 50CC and below, one should be above 16 years old.

  • To get a driving license for private vehicles, one should be above 18 years old.

  • To be eligible for a commercial vehicle driving license application, one should be above 20 years old.

driving in a car

The applicant must reach a certain age to obtain the driving license

Apart from the quintessential requirements regarding the age of the applicant, there are also two more important criteria that decide the eligibility of an applicant:

  • One should be proficient in traffic laws and regulations.

  • Application for a driving license should be done in 30 to 180 days from the issue date of the learner license.


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3. How can I apply for a driving licence in Haryana?

Before getting into the process of the permanent driving license application in Haryana, one must obtain the learner’s license at one of Haryana’s RTO. The applicant can apply for a driving license either online or offline.

How to apply for a driving license in Haryana online

The online application can be a time-saving option which can minimize the time of travelling and visiting the RTO offices. Most steps of the application can be done online as follow:

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways at

  • Click on “Online Services”

  • Click on “Driving license-related services”

  • Select the name of the state on “Select State Name”

  • Click on “Apply Online”

  • Click on “New Driving License”

  • Finish the following steps in “Application Submission in Issuing Driving Licence”

a. Fill Applicant Details including Learner’s License’s number and date of birth

b. Upload required documents (Phone and signature required for some states)

  • Visit the RTO to verify the document submitted online

  • Book driving test test

  • Pay the fee for driving license application

Last but not least, the application must attend and pass the driving test in order to obtain the driving license. After finishing the application and passing the test, the applicant will get the license at his doorsteps in 7 days. If you can’t pass the test at the first try, you can attend again after 7 days.


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How to apply for a driving license in Haryana offline

One option for driving license application is to go to the RTO offices and process the following steps:

  • Ask for a driving license application form from the RTO official

  • Attach all the required documents along with the form and submit to the RTO officials

  • Pay application fees

  • Book a driving test

  • Attend and pass the driving test on the given date and time. If the applicant passes the test the driving license will be sent to the applicant’s address.

driving carr

4. What are driving license fees in Haryana?

To obtain the driving license, the applicant must pay an amount of money to the state government of Haryana. The total number would include the following fees:

Driving license fee in Haryana


Issue of learner’s licence

Rs. 150

Test fee for learner’s license (or repeat test fee)

Rs. 50

Driving test fee (for each class of vehicle)

Rs. 300

Issue of a driving licence

Rs. 200

Inclusion of another class of vehicle on driving licence

Rs. 500 

An attempt against the orders of licensing officials

Rs. 500

Any application to change address or any other details in the driving licence

Rs. 200

5. How can I Get a Duplicate Driving License in Haryana?

A duplicate driving license will be issued in case the driving license is stolen or lost. Drivers and motorists must apply for the duplication driving license within 6 months after the official driving license is lost or stolen.

The duplication driving license can be obtained at RTO. The applicant should bring all the required documents and get verification from the RTO officials. One can also apply for a duplicate driving license online via the website.

Here are all the required documents for a duplicate driving license:

  • A copy of FIR (First Information Report), if the license is stolen

  • Proof document of age and address

  • Fee for application

  • Application Form LLD

  • An affidavit detailing the reason for applying for a duplicate driving license

  • Details of driving license 

6. How can I renew a driving license in Haryana?

In Haryana, the permanent driving license is valid within 20 years from the date of issuance. Besides, the driving license will be invalid as soon as the license owner enters the age of 50. In the case of a commercial driving license, the validity lasts for 3 years. After the original driving license is expired, the applicant must file for renewal of the driving license within 30 days.

The renewal of a driving license is only available if the original driving license is expired. After renewal, the commercial driving license will be valid for one year. To check if your license is valid or not, you can visit the RTO or - official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India.

approve paper

The application for any types of driving license can be submitted either online or offline

After 30 days from the expiry date, applicants have to pay an additional charge for renewing their licences. For each year of late renewal, the applicant must pay Rs 1,000. Similar to the duplicate driving license, the renew DL can be processed either online or offline. Either way, the applicant must visit the RTO office for their document to be verified. The renew DL will be issued on the same day.


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6.1. Documents required for renewal of a driving license in Haryana

  • Application fee

  • Application form 9

  • Driving license

  • Proof documents of age and address

6.2. Driving license fees in Haryana for renewal procedure 

Purpose Fee

Renewal of approval for vehicle carrying hazardous goods

Rs. 100

Renewal of driving licence

Rs. 200

Renewal of a driving license after the grace period

Rs. 300 

Rs. 1000 for each year of late renewal

8. How can I get an International driving license in Haryana?

Besides providing the domestic driving license, Haryana RTO also provides another type of driving license that is valid for international use, meaning that owning this license allows the driver to legally drive a vehicle aboard. The application for the international driving license must be above the age of 18. This type of DL is only valid within one year after the date of issuance. For the applicant who just obtains a permanent driving license in less than 3 months, this person will have to take a new driving test to get the IDL.

Just like the aforementioned driving license, the process of applying for the international driving licence can be done offline at the RTOs or online at home. The applicant will have to show up at the RTOs for verification of the document. The IDL will be issued to the applicant in person after the document is verified.

To apply for the IDL, an applicant must prepare the following documents:

  • Valid visa

  • Valid passport

  • Application Form 4A

  • Proof documents of age and address

  • Application fee of Rs.1000

That concludes our article on how to apply for and how much is the driving licence fees in Haryana. For more information and useful car tips, please check us out at


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