Virat Kohli’s Audi R8 is now in a poor condition

by Harish Kumar | 27/02/2019
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The Audi R8 which was once an admirable opulent supercar of Virat Kohli is now in a pitifully ill condition owing to the Thane call centre scam.

The celebrated Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli has been well-known for not solely his reputable cricket career or his marriage with a leading Bollywood lady but also for his ridiculously expensive automobile collections. Admitted to being a big fan of Audi, Kohli takes possession of various Audi cars such as the Audi RS5, RS6, Audi A8, R8V10 LMX and Audi Q7. He has shelled out about Rs 2.97 Crore for one of the Audi R8 supercars he has used in his previous days. That’s why it is completely hard to believe that the luxury sports car has now gone down into deep oblivion after being sold to a person named Sagar Thakkar.

Audi R8 white colour front view

The Audi R8 is one of the most stunning sports cars of Virat Kohli

Unfortunately, the Audi R8 that was once used by Virat Kohli is now covered in dust and left in a miserable condition at a Police station in Mumbai. The car was sold to a new owner in 2016, whose name is Saggar Thakkar aka Shaggy. Shaggy bought this car as a gift for his girlfriend for a price of Rs 60 Lakh. However, Shaggy then fell into a multi-crore call centre fraud in Thane and was chased by police for being the mastermind behind the scam. The criminal has reportedly fled from India while the Audi R8 that Thakkar had obtained from the proceeds of his illegal wealth has been seized by the Police.

Audi R8 in dust, rear view

The supercar is now in such a very bad condition after being seized by Police

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Reports say that the Virat Kohli’s ex-Audi R8 has lost all its sheen after lying in ruins for more than a year. It is a bit hard to tell if the car can still operate normally. The car now lies neglected and on the edge of having a pitiful death. We think it will be a great thing if the Police force considers putting the car in an auction so that the Police department could get some easy money while auto enthusiasts could afford to buy a luxury sports car for cheap.

Audi R8 rear view

It is really a big regret for any luxury automobile enthusiasts

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