Eight Best Car Tyres For Indian Roads

by Mohammed Burman | 04/03/2020
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The article below will provide you with a list of eight best tyres for cars in India which are most suitable for hard terrains and also your demands.

Being a little rubber piece which divides your car from the road surface, the car tyre plays an important role in ensuring the performance, safety and basic functioning of your car. Good car tyre can remarkably enhance the riding quality; in the contrast, if your car runs on bad tyres, the risk of a crash will be considerably increased. To find the best car tyres for your car is not always easy, especially in India, which is famous for bad-conditioned roads. Below is a list of car tyres which can give you a comfortable and safe journey. You can also discover how to wisely choose your tyres with IndianAuto.

Goodyear GT3

If you want to have a comfortable journey in your sedan, Goodyear GT3 is a good choice, thanks to its perfect combination of grip and cushioning. It is priced at INR 5,300 each piece and proves to be an ideal tyre for people who want both comfort and safety in their journeys.

goodyear gt3

Bridgestone Turanza

This type of car tyre is specifically developed for high-speed driving. Handling the high speed quite well, the Turanza is suitable for medium-power sedans or hatchbacks. The Turanza offers an unequalled tread grips tyre compound and can emit almost no noise on the street.

bridgestone turanza


The MRF XVTS is an affordable type of tyre which can be chosen for mid-size hatchbacks in India. Costing just around INR 2,600 for a piece, this type of car tyre is a reasonably-priced and reliable option.

mrf zvts

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Maxxis MA-P1

Maxxis MA-P1 is one of the most affordable options for small cars. Being a Taiwanese-made tyre, this type of car is ideal for any drivers who want to considerably save on their rubber. The MA-P1 is priced at INR 2,400 a piece and is most suitable for hatchbacks like the Maruti Alto and the Maruti Wagon R.

maxxis ma p1

JK Tyre Vectra

This is an Indian-made car tyre which is priced at INR 3,800 a piece. The JK Tyre Vectra is a rugged tyre for hatchbacks and sedans which are usually run on small daily runs in the city, rather than doing miles on the highway.

jk tyre vectra

Michelin Primacy

Michelin has been well-known for creating championship-winning and life-saving tyres. But the company does not stop from that, it also develops the Primacy, a heavy-duty type of car for a common Indian SUV. This car tyre offers both safety, comfort and performance at the same time, which deserves its high price of INR 6,700 a piece.

michelin primacy

Apollo Amazers

Another affordable option for your car is Apollo Amazers, which are most suitable for Indian sedans. The car tyre has a starting price of INR 3,600 for a piece.

apollo amazers

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Yokohama Geolander AT

The Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama always achieves to produce the best, which is clearly reflected in its heavy-duty Geolander AT car tyre. This type of tyre is specifically developed for powerful SUVs and can easily deal with any terrains.

yokohama geolander

Above is a list of eight best tyres for cars India. Which one is most suitable for your car and your budget? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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