2020 Tata Nexon: How Hill Hold Assist Works [VIDEO]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/07/2020
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Tata Nexon offers the convenience of hill hold assist function right from the entry-level XE variant. But how does it work? Here's all you should know about this feature.

Tata Nexon is one of the best-selling products from the Indian carmaker. It is often celebrated for its 5-star G-NCAP crash test rating. Helping this compact-SUV attain this rating are certain safety features that are offered as a standard fitment across the range. However, the most exciting one here is the hill hold control, since no other car in this price bracket offers it as standard even in the base model. But, what it actually is and how it works? Here’s a video that we came across on YouTube, which will make learning the use of hill hold assist a bit easier for you, along with our explanation. This video comes from the YouTube channel of Sassy Hills.


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Talking of what function does hill hold assist performs? When a car is going uphill and stops somewhere in the middle of the climb with or without the intention of the driver, the hill hold assist stops the car from rolling down the hill without any brake input from the driver. However, it does so for 2-4 seconds only. So the driver can easily let go off the clutch pedal while accelerating the car to start climbing again. Without this feature onboard, the driver would have to work around the brakes as well, while simultaneously performing the job of letting the clutch go off and pressing the accelerator pedal. Thus, it comes as a breeze in such situations.

2020 Tata Nexon: How Hill Hold Assist Works [VIDEO]

Coming back to the video, the host has explained something similar but with the visual representation. It can be seen that he drives his Tata Nexon on to an inclined patch of road and stop mid-way. He then showcases how he has depressed the brake pedal but the car continues to stay firm to the spot for a couple of seconds. In this duration, one can easily start moving. At a later part in the video, the host has showcased a similar exercise in the reverse gear as well. Thus, it is clear that the hill-hold function on the Tata Nexon also works when the car is climbing the slope in reverse gear.

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