These are Some of the Best Modified Ford Fiesta Classic Cars in India

by IndianAuto Team | 17/04/2020
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Ford Fiesta Classic is still a sought-after vehicle in the used car market. Here are some of the best modified Ford Fiesta Classic cars that you can get inspired from

India-spec first-gen Ford Fiesta, which was also known as the Ford Fiesta Classic towards the end of its career, was among the most popular mid-size sedans in the market at one point of time. However, in 2016, Ford India put an end to the Fiesta nameplate along with other models like the Ford Classic and the old Ford Figo. Today, there are still several options of the old Ford Fiesta available in the used car market and some people are still having it in their respective garages. Compared to the current cars in the market, the Ford Fiesta Classic might look a bit outdated in some respects. However, it offers a pretty clean canvas for modifications. Some of the modified Ford Fiesta Classic models that we've come across look so striking and attractive that they can give newer cars a run for their money. Here, IndianAuto will give you examples of some of the best modified Ford Fiesta Classic ever made.

Modified Ford Fiesta Classic by Superbee

First modified Ford Fiesta Classic on this list is a Fiesta S customized by Superbee Automobile. The focus of this modified model is tuning the performance. Originally, the car was powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine which is capable of unleashing a top power of 101 PS and a  peak torque of 146 Nm. Mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the car was a fun to drive and loved for its incredible handling. However, in order to add some zing to it, the modifiers have replaced the old exhaust system with a new header and a Magnaflow high-performance exhaust pipe. The new intake system is customized with a BMC air intake kit and a 3-inch plumping. To finalize the new setup, the electronic control unit was remapped to adopt the changes. The new setting has drastically boosted the power output which is now rated at 113 Bhp and 160 Nm.

Ford Fiesta Tunned By Superbee

Along with the new mechanical setting, this car also receives a brand new look. The exterior was repainted in bright yellow, which was not originally offered on the Fiesta Classic while it was on sale. To emphasize the performance of the modified Fiesta, 16-inch wheels with Michelin pilot sport rubber have been used. That said, the original style has been preserved to a great extent with only some minor updates that jazz up the looks.

Modified Ford Fiesta Classic by DC Design

Next on the list is a modified Ford Fiesta Classic introduced by the renowned car custom studio, DC Design. DC Design was known for its daring projects that turn a regular-looking car into something that might not be liked by all but definitely something that sets everyone talking.

Ford Fiesta’s stock design was nothing unconventional and it features appropriate proportions of a sedan, thereby making it a perfect canvas for modification. DC Design has kept things simple with this car by just adding some tweaks to the front and rear end. At the front, we can see addition of a new black-out grille, new dual-tone bumper and a redesigned headlight setting. The rear-end now looks sportier with a new bumper that houses faux exhaust pipes and air scoops stacked above and below the new taillights.

modified ford fiesta classic dc design rear

Modified Ford Fiesta Classic by Modsters Automotive

The following car mod comes from Modsters Automotive, a car custom studio based in Chennai. Under the spell of the Modsters Automotive’s team, the Ford Fiesta Classic looks completely different with Mustang-inspired design elements.


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Modified Ford Fiesta With Mustang Style Bumper DLR

On the front end, what transforms the stock car's plain fascia is the redesigned air dam that features triangle LED DRLs. The car also adopts blacked-out mesh pattern grille. The bonnet panel now features creases that make the car appear more muscular. One of the highlights is the new aftermarket headlights that spark a mesmerizing glow. Coming to the rear end, you will see the Ford Mustang design cues on the taillight housing. To add sportiness to the design, the rear also gets new dual-exhaust pipes, new rear fog lamps and rear spoiler.

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