Cintamobil - Indonesia's Leading Car Information Channel Transforms With Brand New Interface

by IndianAuto Team | 31/05/2021
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In the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, online shopping is increasingly dominating the market from fashion, dining to beauty products. And people are turning to online platforms even for car buying and selling. However, to buy a perfect car that fits your budget, you need a reputable website to place your trust. Today we are honored to introduce - a website that provides all the valuable information for buying and selling your car.

Who is Cintamobil? web interface web interface

With the goal of connecting car lovers and speed enthusiasts together on an online platform, in March 2017, was officially launched. This is a website that aggregates all information about cars inside and outside Indonesia. 

At, you will easily find all the information you need with just one click. This is undoubtedly a helpful site that offers information for newbies who are just learning about cars and those who have been forever four-wheeler lovers, speed enthusiasts. From car reviews, the latest updated news about the Indonesian and world car market, racing schedule to tips and tricks for driving, buying and selling cars, car care and maintenance, all are available at Moreover, our platform also provides information related to the renewal of driver's licenses, procedures, and processes for registration, vehicle registration, and more. Most recently, has updated the new interface of the car price page to give readers the most convenience in accessing price information and related promotions.

What's new on Cintamobil's car price page?

As a service provider of buying and selling used and new cars, has launched a brighter new design and updated a host of other helpful information for users. listing

The new interface of Cintamobil's car price page with eye-catching color combinations, bringing a refreshed feeling to readers

Besides having a new design, also suggests a few reputable car dealership options so that you can learn more about the model you intend to buy or about promotional information from the Trademark Holder Agents.

New interface, a new breeze offers the best way to buy new and used cars. In particular, you can easily find more information about new cars with this latest interface. Just visiting the Car Price page at, you can access all the information you are looking for.

To bring comfort to customers who want to buy new cars and make it more convenient to choose the desired car that fits the budget, the latest version of this car price page has now enabled you to filter out your ideal car by budgetadded a car search by budget field. You can search for a vehicle that fits your budget from under IDR 150,000,000 to over IDR 1,200,000,000. search box's feature: car search by budget, brand, and model

One of the advantages of the Car Price page is that it has information about new car promotions for each model you're interested in. This promotion information is updated daily or even hourly. You just need to click on the promotion information button then fill in the information in the form, and you will receive the latest information about promotions of this vehicle. For example, when you want to receive the latest Toyota Hilux D-Car promotions, you can register your Name and Phone Number, and we will send the information to you.

Cintalmobile price list and promotion information

Just fill in the form, and you will receive the latest price list and promotion information

Thousands of other helpful information besides price and promotion information

In addition to information about car prices and promotions, also offers brief assessments of the advantages and disadvantages of each model and provides car prices of its competitors in the same segment. The purpose of providing the above information is to assist readers in comparing and making the final decision on the desired car. Under each car price, we also suggest a few reputable dealers so that you can come and see with your own eyes the vehicle you want.

Still have questions about finding the best new or used car? You have access to a wide selection of models at For more information, please contact our customer service hotline (021) 7591 9109 (direct call) or WhatsApp at 0812 8920 7522. Don't forget to follow our other communication channels, our Facebook page, Instagram @cintamobilcom, and YouTube Cintamobil TV. List of Cintamobil information channels:

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