Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Realises He Can’t Fit in a Porsche Taycan

by Harish Kumar | 01/04/2021
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It turns out that Dwayne The Rock Johnson couldn’t drive the electric sports car on his movie set. Read further to know why.

One of the highest-paid Hollywood star, Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ has been known for his breathtaking action movies showing him flexing the muscles, driving heavy-duty vehicles, fighting with aliens, etc. It turns out that ‘the Rock’ can do anything; well, except for driving a Porsche Taycan. No, it’s not that the actor is not fond of driving the Taycan and in fact, the problem is rather funnier as he could not hop this iconic the electric vehicle.

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Dwayne Johnson has shared this hilarious incident on his Instagram where he narrated that the crew has brought in the Porsche Taycan for a very big chase sequence. To have the Taycan shipped to the filming location, they had spent months of preparations that involve high expenses. When it comes to the shoot, the producer and writer, Rawson Marshall instructed the actor to step into the Porsche Taycan and that’s when he realized that his back was “a bit too wide” to fit into the vehicle.


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This is something anyone might not anticipate. However, considering Dwayne Johnson’s height of 6 and a half feet, it can actually be a problem to the movie star. Luckily, the film crew had come up with some creative ideas to get the shot done. That being said, it’s safe to assume that “The Rock” wasn’t able to do the car stunts on this own as he intended to do.


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It is interesting that this isn’t the first time the Hollywood movie star struggled to step inside a European sports car. In fact, when he was shooting for the HBO series named Ballers in 2015, he experienced quite a similar incident by struggling to fit into a Ferrari LaFerrari for a car sequence, which was shared on his Facebook back then.

As for the Porsche Taycan, one can’t deny that it is a brilliant electric sports car that can give you the adrenaline-rush performance on the fast track. We can’t wait to see how the car performed on Netflix’s most expensive movie “Red Notice” that stars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

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