This Skoda Superb Is As Fast As Ferrari 488 Spider

by Vivaan Khatri | 25/11/2020
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A modified Skoda Superb with 4x4 wheel drive system has become the fastest Superb in the world with the 0-100 kmph sprint record of 3.3 seconds.

Skoda Superb is one of the most popular cars on Skoda’s international portfolio, especially in the European market. In our market, the Superb is branded as a premium sedan. This car model is currently in its third generation. Today, our focus is on a modified Skoda Superb that is, perhaps, the fastest Superb in the world with a 0-100 kmph acceleration of 3.3 seconds. This makes this premium sedan almost as fast as a Ferrari 488 Spider, which can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in 3 seconds.

This Skoda Superb Is As Fast As Ferrari 488 Spider

Skoda Superb is widely known for being a plush sedan with an ample and comfortable interior space and excellent build quality. The Superb is one of the most spacious sedans in India. Given that highlights, this car barely passes as a performance car. The owner of this car bought it with the intention of modifying it, cosmetically and mechanically. He bought the car with a light interior which made a perfect canvas for customizing. The light fabric used on the interior was replaced with a new premium Alcantara leather. On the exterior, Skoda Superb also gets a unique black-white decal across the body, especially the rear end is all covered in black wraps, creating a sporty look for the family car Superb.

modified skoda superb engine bay 

Even the new look of this Skoda Superb is striking, but it's the engineering of this car that is the major highlight. To deliver such impressive performance, the Skoda Superb has gone through a comprehensive make-over that took a long time to finish. It is revealed that this Skoda Superb has undergone three stages to reach this level of performance. During the first stage, the sedan was fitted with a new ECU, which took nine months to finish. On the following stage, a larger intercooler, cold inlet and new exhaust system were installed and the sedan was reprogrammed. By the end of the second stage, the Skoda Superb is capable of unleashing a top power of 400 BHP.


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This Skoda Superb adopts an aftermarket hybrid turbine. With the addition of the new hybrid motor, it was expected that the Skoda Superb can reach the maximum power of 500 BHP. However, after the third phase, the Skoda Superb can make a peak power of around 480 BHP. There were still a few steps away from the proposed level of power. To wrap up the modification project, a more powerful Walbro 450 submersible pump and engine compartment were added, increasing the maximum power to over 500 BHP. Revo Technik was the one behind the comprehensive modification of this Skoda Superb.

modified skoda superb top view

Additionally, the sedan comes with some new mechanic updates like a more powerful Alcon 6 piston brake, large hybrid turbine, more robust engine mounts, forged piston kit and connecting rods. The stock six-speed DQ250 transmission is replaced with a DQ500. The suspension system is also upgraded with Eibach Pro Kit springs, Bilstein B8 struts and KW coil overs

With all these modifications, the total power of the Skoda Superb can peak at 600 BHP. The sedan can sprint all the way to the quarter-mile in 10.9 seconds, which is even better than some sports cars available in the market. However, these heavy modifications did put a toll on the car. It is revealed that the four-wheel-drive system broke down while the high-pressure pipe and petrol pump tubes are damaged.

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