10 Most Spacious Sedans Of India: New Tata Tigor To Skoda Superb

by Harish Kumar | 21/06/2019
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When automobiles become the topic of a conversation, it’s hardly ever short of the space and comfort. Apart from fuel efficiency and attractive pricing, spaciousness and convenience are most sought after when buying a new or used vehicle. Apparently, people concern much about how large the car is so that’s why sales of SUVs and spacious sedans are rocketing the chart these days. And there is, all in all, the fact that people put space and relaxation as top priority while buying a sedan car in India. Let's not wait longer, it’s time to name out the most spacious sedans to find out which car offers the most significant space and comfort at a fraction of its range.

1. Tata Tigor

  • Price: Rs 5.20 Lakh to Rs 7.38 Lakh

There’s a truth that the Tata Tigor is one of the cheapest sedans in stock in the Indian auto market today. The facelifted version of the Tata Tigor has been worked to blow entirely fresh air to its styling design, more features for a higher sense of convenience and cosiness.

New Tata Tigor, Brown, Front Left Angular Look

The Tata Tigor is the perfectly suitable spacious sedan for every long trip

Measuring 3,992 mm long, 1,677 mm wide and 1,537 mm high, the Tata Tigor delivers the messages: 'big car means big confidence'. The spacious cabin is not only the Tata Tigor’s biggest pride but also the best-in-class pinnacle of the home-grown carmaker’s lineup. The intelligent utility spaces fill up all the needs of both drivers and passengers. The Tigor’s boot capacity is added up to 419 litres with innovated 4-bar mechanism wide& clear opening- another best-in-segment feature that crowns the Tata Tigor in the Indian sedan segment.

2. Honda Amaze

  • Price: Rs 5.80 Lakh to Rs 9.10 Lakh

The greatest compact sedan from the Japanese carmaker, Honda Amaze made a successful arrival in the Indian auto space in May 2018. Step by step climbing up the sales chart, the Honda Amaze managed to build a strong position in customers’ tastes. The comfortable and pleasant feelings offered in the Amaze makes its way to defeat the fastest runners in the segment’s competition like the Maruti Dzire or Volkswagen Ameo. The maximum boot space of the Honda Amaze is 420 litres- the largest figure among the compact sedans in the Indian market.

2018 Honda Amaze, Red, Front Look

Premium looking versus generous roominess are the culmination of the Honda Amaze

With the overall length of 3,995 mm, the width of 1,695 mm, the height of 1,500 mm and 2,470 mm in the wheelbase, the Honda Amaze becomes one of the hottest-search sedans in the Indian gearheads community.

3. Toyota Etios

  • Price: Rs 6.80 Lakh- Rs 8.93 Lakh

Although the Toyota Etios hasn't made a big deal in its sale performance in India, it’s still deserved to be included in the most spacious sedan list of the country. If you are seeking a non-sub-4-meter sedan that offers the most premium spirit from outside to inside, the Toyota Etios is an ideal pick. The transmission tunnel is absent in the Etios to free up more roominess with more ample legroom supplying the enormous comfort. The substantial boot capacity of the Toyota Etios sits on 595 litres, best-in-segment figures of boot space in the market.

2017 Toyota Etios, Red Colour, Front View

The Etios is a quiet but redoubtable rival in the B-segment

4. Nissan Sunny

  • Price: Rs 6.99 Lakh to Rs 9.68 Lakh

Back in 2014, Nissan first made the Sunny available in the domestic market, marked the first B-segment Nissan’s vehicle in India. Coming truly as a spacious car, the Sunny was interestingly so-called the “Caaaar” in the automotive company’s campaign to accentuate the extra roominess it caters. Plenty of room with generous leg and head space help create a luxurious experience and endless comfort zone to nurture the love for long drives.

Nissan Sunny 2014, Brown

The Japanese brand's sedan enables the highest sense of comfort for memorable drives

The Sunny’s interior is covered by light brown-themed colour creating an opened and fresh atmosphere inside the cabin. 490 litres is the max figures of boot space of the Nissan Sunny. That’s is, absolutely, not the biggest one, but efficient to carry all stuff for a perfect weekend getaway.

5. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

  • Price: Rs 8.19 Lakh to Rs 10.97 Lakh

Maruti Suzuki has recently launched the longest facelifted version of the Ciaz in the market. Under a plethora of new updates, the all-new Ciaz comes offered with the more stylish and premium look together with a fresher driving experience inside its cavernous cabin. The interior of the Ciaz is highlighted with generous ample legroom and headroom with good bolstering from the rear seat. On providing 510 litres of cargo capacity, the Maruti Ciaz is totally large enough for wrapping up all the belongings needed for a really long trip. It’s undoubted that the Ciaz is the chart-topping vehicle of its class in India.

2018 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Blue, Front Left View

The updated Ciaz brilliantly offers 510 litres of boot space

6. Honda City

  • Price: Rs 8.77 Lakh to Rs 13.92 Lakh

Coming masterfully as the vehicle of pleasure and comfort, the Honda City is a heavyweight runner on the top spacious sedan in India. The Ciaz’s rival holds a lucratively excellent drive quality along every journey. Confirmed to roll out the most unmistakable sedan that thrills any fastidious drivers, the new Honda City comes with a grand cabin with the heavily-crafted interior to make the ride the classiest than ever before.

2016 Honda City, Red Colour, Front Left Side

The Honda City is positioned at around Rs 8.77- Rs 13.92 Lakh in the country

The Honda City also allows the same 510 litres of boot capacity like the Maruti Ciaz but more convenience is ingrained in every corner of the new City.

7. Hyundai Elantra

  • Rs 13.71 Lakh to Rs 19.94 Lakh

It’s gonna be the best-looking spacious sedan on sale in the Indian auto space in our verdict. Needless to say, the Hyundai Elantra has built up a strong basement in the gearheads fraternity thanks to its great ride and commodious interior on offer. Leg and headspace are enormous in both the front and the rear seats while the storage space is absolutely attractive. The Elantra is an ideally favourable car to be in with 420 litres of boot space and a long list of state-of-the-art interior fitments good for an incomparable driving experience.

Hyundai Elantra, Blue, Front View

The Hyundai Elantra is among the most handsome cars in its segment

8. Toyota Corolla Altis

  • Price: Rs 16.27 Lakh to Rs 20.01 Lakh

2017 Toyota Corolla Altis, White Colour

Another cavernous Toyota Saloon stands in the list is the long-built Corolla Altis

Considered to be a great deal when the Toyota Corolla Altis was launched in the country in March 2017. The next-gen Corolla Altis is projected to hit the dealers sometime this year, marking the most-awaited B-series sedan in the Indian market. Apart from its flawless visual mastery in the aesthetics, the Toyota Corolla Altis also wins a great number of enthusiasts’ hearts by virtue of optimum convenience and amenity. An abundance of legroom for the front and rear seats make an impeccable combination with 470-litres storage capacity while the premium outlook captivates everyone from every direction.

9. Skoda Octavia

  • Price: Rs 15.99 Lakh to Rs 26.78 Lakh

Skoda Auto has been well-known for making the most stylish and comfortable sedan in the automotive world and the Skoda Octavia is a typical one. With aims to turn the car into the best place to relax, the Czech automaker introduced the high-quality capacious Octavia offering 590 litres of cargo space that is said to be able to carry all your house with your trip.

Skoda Octavia, Front Angular Look

The Skoda Octavia offers up to 590 litres of boot capacity

10. Skoda Superb

  • Price: Rs 23.49 Lakh to Rs 32.99 Lakh

We’re going to talk about the most expensive but most spacious sedan in the list. The Skoda Superb is even larger than any much costlier sedan in the country. Like the meaning of its name, the Skoda Superb reinvents itself as a king in the premium luxury sedan segment through the definitely comfortable experience in full magnitude. The decent 625-litres boot space is really gargantuan enough to become a movable workplace.

Skoda Superb Corporate Edition, White Colour, Front Angular Look

The new Skoda Superb Corporate Edition has just been launched in India

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