Here Are Visuals of First Ever Ford EcoSport Accident, Occurred Even Before the Launch!

by Kshitij Rawat | 12/05/2020
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Here, we bring you the story of an accident which shows the importance of having advanced safety features in your car, just like what the Ford EcoSport offers.

Road accidents are the leading cause of death in India, with an average of over 300 people dying every day. You’d imagine that with the lockdown currently enforced, there would be some respite in the numbers, with the possibility of it even reaching zero. That, sadly, isn’t the case. According to SaveLife foundation, a non-profit organisation based in New Delhi, there have been more than 600 road accidents between 24th March and 3rd May, with the death toll of 140 people. Here, we have another story about a car crash, but this isn’t the latest one, but rather a really old one.

Here Are Visuals of First Ever Ford EcoSport Accident, Occurred Even Before the Launch!

The picture above shows a Ford EcoSport involved in a horrible car accident. The incident took place in March 2013, during a media event in Goa. This is also the first reported car crash of the current-gen EcoSport. One unfortunate media representative spun out and rolled the car over after he struck a concrete post at high speed. The airbags in the car were deployed, which protected the driver and the front passenger, and both of them had their seatbelts on, which prevented them from bouncing around and getting seriously injured.'

Ford EcoSport media drive accident 2013

Ford EcoSport media drive accident (Goa, 2013) Image courtesy: StuffIndia on Facebook


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Immediately after the crash, the emergency assist feature of the Ford EcoSport sprung into action. Ford’s Sync system, which was paired to the phone of one of the occupants, called ‘108’ emergency service. Within minutes an ambulance managed to reach the crash site, but, thankfully, there was no serious injury and no need to rush to the hospital.

Ford Sync emergency assist feature


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This accident shows us the importance of modern safety amenities. Although emergency assist feature isn’t mandatory, having it on-board can potentially save a life. Same goes for collision prevention system, which uses sensors to detect an imminent collision and applies the brakes to prevent it. With further advancements in technology, the loss of life could be reduced significantly. Sadly, vehicular safety still has a long way to go in India.

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