Force Matador Gets Aftermarket Leather Seater, Becomes A Comfortable And Lovely Van

by Vivaan Khatri | 11/11/2019
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A Force Matador is restored with a thoroughly updated interior and exterior. From an old van, the Matador now looks styling and modern.

Force Motor was established in 1958. After more than five decades, the car brand has evolved and became India’s largest van manufacturer.  During its history, the homegrown carmaker has introduced a variety of vans including some popular and iconic vehicles like the Tempo, Traveller, Matador and Minidor. These models had become an essential part of the Indian’s memorable journeys with friends and family.

The Matador was one of the most popular products from Force in the 70s and 80s. This model was manufactured under the partnership with the German car manufacturer Tempo. However, over the years, the automobile market has shifted and changed significantly, leaving little space for this particular segment to grow. Demand for van has withered and Force’s vans also disappeared from the market. Today, these vans are rarely seen in use and only displayed on private collections of vintage cars. Recently, images of a restored and customized Force Matador emerges online. Let's get more details about this classic vintage car with IndianAuto vintage car guide.

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Force Matador was a very popular vehicle back in the 70s and 80s

The stock version of the car was a blue-painted van which was an essential part of this car’s signature and iconic look. In today’s standard, the plan bright blue colour can look a bit outdated, not to mention how time degrades the exterior paint quality. Consequently, a paint job is required to rehabilitate the Matador. After the comprehensive restoration, the Matador looks almost unrecognizable with a dual-tone exterior of burgundy body paint with black-out pillars and roof. The new exterior colour scheme has turned a Matador from a vibrant-looking van into a modern and mature-styled car while retaining the vintage vibe of the car.

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restored force matador

The paint-scheme of this Force Matador looks brilliant

Apart from that the front grille also undergoes some minor updates to refresh and spice up the front design. For example, it gets a brand new headlight, while the grille is repainted. Notably, the addition of a steel bumper really renovates the style of this van. Even when the signature paint is fully changed, it is hard to mistake this Matador for any other van due to the proud and shiny Matador moniker placed on its fascia, which remains identical to the original version. Overall, it is a well-executed and beautifully modified retro car.

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restoredforce matador interior

This Force Matador receives premium interior

With respects to the interior of this Matador, to make the van practical for today use, there is a slew of new features are added to the package. The Matador is added with a climate control system which is essential for modern cars. However, the most significant interior updates must be the new beige leather seats. Also, the ceiling and other details are recoloured to match the shade of the leather seats. Its handbrake lever and gear stick are retouched with leather covers. Its interior is highlighted by the red floor mat. The seating arrangement is also adjusted. Now it comes with four captain seats in the middle, which offers great comfort for passengers during a long drive. At the back of the van, there is a bench seat which can accommodate three people at best. On the dashboard, the Matador receives new panels as well as a new steering wheel unit. 

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​​​​​​​How do you like the styling of this restored Force Matador? Would you have done something else? Please comment down below with your opinions and thoughts.

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