Mahindra Thar Struggles In A Pond While A Vintage Jeep Easily Finds Its Way Out Of It

by Harish Kumar | 31/07/2019
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Click to see how the Mahindra Thar got stuck in massive water while the vintage Jeep car did it very well like a duck to water.

In the real world, modern 4x4s cars like Mahindra Thar is well-known for having the hulking behemoth along with unlimited credibility on the roads and off it. So are modern 4x4s are the perfect do-it-all vehicles?  A Mahindra Thar owner has just found it wrong heads-on after wading through massive water bodies and completely getting stuck in it.

Thar got Rescued by ISUZU | iPhone gone | Music system gone | Jaipur

The thing is, driving through an unknown massive pond is really dangerous. The vehicles will sometime get stuck amongst enormous water without having an idea of what went wrong. That’s the case of this Mahindra Thar, indeed. Since the SUV was unable to move in the middle of the water, an Isuzu V-Cross had to plunge into the water to pull the Thar out of the sticky situation. But before that, a vintage Jeep was recorded driving around the poor Mahindra Thar with 6 occupants aboard like a piece of cake.

mahindra thar off road driving

As a matter of fact, the new-age cars are not designed to venture into more than 600 mm of water. For the Mahindra Thar CRDe, it is suggested not to drive through water that’s taller than half of its wheels. However, this Thar’s owner seemed to ignore the recommendation and brought the car down in deep water and unsurprisingly, it totally got stuck.

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Another thing is, going off-road requires quite some tricks. That said, the off-roaders should carry as little electronic features and creature-comforts as possible, especially the power windows, electric locks and music system. However, the Thar that got bogged down here had interior customization with an aftermarket music system and sub-woofer that have partially prevented the Thar from finishing the task. Since the car was largely flooded with much water entering the cabin, the kitted-out sub-woofer and music system are believed to be conked out or even in some cases, they can become dangerous when hit by moisture. Bear it in mind whenever you are planning to use your SUV for going off-road.

mahindra thar got stuck in water

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More importantly, some off-roaders might face up to serious mechanical failure on the water driving due to the hydro locking. Water entering the intake of the car could hydro lock the engine that causes the serious engine damage and of course, the vehicle will stop moving. Hence, it is also highly advisable for off-road spec vehicles to pack itself with enough back-ups for such situations. This’s also the reason why car manufacturers of some off-road-focused vehicles like Mahindra Thar, Force Gurkha or Maruti Gypsy offers strict warranty limitations on their models which are designed for off-roading driving conditions.

vintage jeep car off road in water

Interestingly, like a sarcastic action, the vintage Jeep car was seen running around the Thar like a champion in front of the crowd, to say the least. With a minimal design and simple electronics, the Jeep car still managed to show off its skills through the water at ease. This car totally deserves our thumb-ups for such an exciting performance.

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