Gracefully Modified Tata Estate With Interior Befitting a Mercedes

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 06/05/2020
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Tata Estate was a feature-loaded car when it launched in 1992, however, this one has been modified to offer super-luxurious interior. Check it out.

Tata Estate is on the few forgotten Tata cars that are hard to spot on roads now. It was launched alongside the Sierra and both of these cars were underpinned by the Mercedes-Benz sourced T2 platform. However, the Sierra was sold in larger numbers than the Estate as it wasn't loved much by the Indian audience. Therefore, spotting a tastefully customized Sierra is not a tough task, but coming across an Estate surely is. But, we found one and thought of featuring it here. This Tata Estate has been restored and customized by Cochin Cartel tuning house, which is based in Kerala. The car has been restored while preserving minutest of the original detail.


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Gracefully Modified Tata Estate With Super-Luxurious Interior

The modified Tata Estate looks like a proper sleeper car in this paint-scheme.

It now gets a new radiator grille that misses out on the Tata logo. The headlamps are the original OEM units, but they have been detailed to look fresher now. The car is painted in a greyish-blue colour tone that does give it a stealth appeal. Apart from the new paint scheme, the exterior of the car has been kept next to original. It continues to sit on the old-school steelies, which are now painted in a shade of black.

Gracefully Modified Tata Estate With Super-Luxurious Interior

The interior has been done in leather and the treatment continues on the dashboard as well.

However, on the inside, the car has been revamped to a new level, altogether. The interior of the car has been draped in tan leather and the upholstery features a quilted texture with diamond-style stitching. The leather has been used to the extent that it is hard to find any exposed plastic part in the cabin. On the centre console, a set of retro-styled toggle switches have been placed. They also feature covers on them, that give the cabin a very retro-modern appeal.


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Gracefully Modified Tata Estate With Super-Luxurious Interior

Tata Estate failed to impress the buyers when it was launched, as the market was never ready to accept the stationwagons.

The Estate was sold with a Peugeot-sourced 1.9L 4-cylinder naturally-aspirated oil burner. The diesel engine produced a peak power output of 67 BHP and a max. torque of 118 Nm. It was offered with a 5-speed manual gearbox only. The performance of the Sierra was actually dull, but we are not sure if this particular example has been souped up to deliver some extra punch while whacked hard on the pedal.

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