Gujarat Police Monitoring CCTVs To Catch 2-Wheeler Offenders

by Kshitij Rawat | 20/06/2020
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Here, we have a video showing traffic police department monitoring traffic cameras for offenders on two-wheelers on the streets of Vadodara.

Every year, thousands of deaths occur in traffic-related accidents in India. In 2018 alone, more than 1.5 lakh deaths were estimated in road accidents alone. Still, the average Indian citizen continues to ignore road safety and engage in traffic offences all throughout the country. Even worse, some have decided to even ignore the pandemic scare and don’t take necessary precautions, thus inviting death on multiple levels. To avoid this, police departments of various states are increase vigilance in traffic monitoring. Here, we have a video showing Gujarat Police checking the streets of Vadodara via CCTV cameras.

Traffic Police Screening CCTV Footage To Challan Two Wheeler Riders Without Masks

In the video above, we can see that a few traffic police officers are busy checking CCTV footage of Vadodara's streets on their computer monitors. The first CCTV cam shows multiple two-wheelers on the road. There we notice a young fellow on a scooter who doesn’t have a helmet, a mask, and worse of all, is using a mobile phone with one hand. Such distracted riding is bound to cause an accident sooner or later.


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Traffic Police monitoring CCTV footage

The video then shows another monitor, where another scooter is being operated by a man without a mask and without a helmet. The police officer then zooms in to read the number plate. There are even more cops on duty, carefully checking the footage for similar offenders. After that, we catch a brief glimpse of the entire police control room, filled with monitors playing CCTV footage of various traffic cams all over the town.


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Traffic Police monitoring CCTV footage for traffic offenders

It should be noted that while there was a brief period of time when wearing a helmet was optional in Gujarat, on 30th January 2020, Gujarat High Court had declared that helmets are compulsory for people on two-wheelers. This applies to both the rider and the pillion. We sure hope that the police aren’t only monitoring people for face masks, but also for helmets. Sadly, road safety doesn’t seem to be of any concern to a majority of the population in India. We urge our readers to be smart and always wear a helmet when on a two-wheeler, and to wear a face mask every time you leave your house.

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