Do You Know The Fascinating Hidden Meaning Behind Indian Car Logos?

by IndianAuto Team | 09/10/2018
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Here is the meaning of the car logos from Indian famous brands, ranging from the Maruti Suzuki logo to the Mahindra logo.

The car logo of a company is not a mere image or a picture for decoration; it is a symbol of the brand’s identity.

1. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Udyog Limited was founded in 1981, and two years later, in 1983, the company signed a licence and joint venture agreement with Suzuki of Japan and became a subsidiary of the Japanese automobile company under the name Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Along with the ups and downs of the company, the Maruti Suzuki logo has gone through quite some changes. At first, the car logo of Maruti Suzuki had the Maruti Udyog’s logo and name on top and the Suzuki’s under. The latest car logo of Maruti Suzuki puts the two brands’ logos side by side with Maruti Udyog’s before and Suzuki’s after. The colors of the most recent logo are also brighter. No matter how it changes, the logo still describes the collaboration between Maruti Udyog and Suzuki.


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maruti suzuki logo

Maruti Suzuki’s logo has gone through some changes to become what it is today


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2. Tata

Tata Motors Limited, a member of the Tata Group, is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1945 and released its first commercial vehicle in 1954 which was done as a result of a collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG. The stylised blue curved T in the car logo of Tata was introduced in the early 2000 and has remained the same since then. The curvature of a letter traditionally written with a bunch of right angles is the symbol of adaptability and fluidity. The “T” is also stylised in a way that makes the letter look like a tree and it is said that the symbolized tree creates a feeling of protection and trust with the brand.

Tata logo

Tata introduced the stylised blue curved T in the logo introduced in the early 2000, which has remained the same since then


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3. Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors was established in 1942 as one of the three original car companies of India. Hindustan Motors actually was India’s largest automobile manufacturer until Maruti appeared on the market and came up with more fuel-efficient cars. However, most Indian politicians nowadays still travel around in Hindustan cars. Hindustan’s logo comprises of two initials of the company’s name, “H” and “M”. The two letters are stylised in a way that resembles two opposite traffic lanes and three median strips. The logo clearly indicates that Hindustan is a company that manufactures objects that are closely related to the road, which is automobiles.

Hindustan logo

Hindustan’s logo comprises of two stylised initials of the company’s name, “H” and “M”


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4. Premier

Premier Ltd. (formerly The Premier Automobiles Limited) is a manufacturer of vehicles that has its headquarter in Mumbai, India. Premier was founded in 1941 and was the very first company to release trucks and cars that were completely made in India. Premier has faced many ups and downs since the day it was established, but the company manages to stay strong and is still in operation today. Premier’s vehicles are not really geared towards personal use, so not many people may have a Premier car in their house, but the company maintains its strong presence through Padmini, which is (or perhaps used to be) the most popular taxi in India. Premier’s logo is a stylised navy blue P inside an ellipse which resembles the road observed from a distance, and the letter leaning forward depicts the desire of advancing forward.

Premier logo

Premier’s logo includes  a stylised navy blue P inside an ellipse and the letter “P” leaning forward


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5. Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian multinational car manufacturer, was founded in 1945 and has its headquarter in Maharashtra. Mahindra & Mahindra is not only one of the leading car companies in India but also is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world at the moment. Mahindra’s logo is pretty simple compared to other car manufacturers. Despite all that, it has a deep meaning. Three equal divisions of the letter M represents three important factors that make the company: products, services, and possibilities.

mahindra logo

Mahindra’s logo embodies the important factors that make the company

That concludes our list of five car logos from five famous brand in India, ranging from the Maruti Suzuki logo to the Mahindra logo. Be updated with more interesting car stories by visiting us at IndianAuto.


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