Hydro Blue Jeep Compass With 20-inch Rims Looks Baller

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 28/08/2020
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Massive rims and low-profile tyres have a tendency to increase a car's appeal. This Jeep Compass follows these words with true honesty. Take a look at it here.

Jeep Compass was launched as a halo product by the American carmaker in the country. It was targeted to bring volumes, however, the brand failed to record the expected sales figures. Jeep Compass is not an incompetent car by any means, but it failed to impress the buyers as an overall package. However, masses looking for the rugged-reliable Jeep DNA bought one home. Also, some of them have modified their cars by wrapping them in funky colour shades or by plonking in a set of flashy alloy wheels. The latter has been done on the Jeep Compass here that we came across via a social media platform. The Compass in the pictures here sits on a set of 20-inch rims that are shod with low-profile tyres.

Hydro Blue Jeep Compass With 20-inch Rims Looks Baller

To ensure that rear-end has a squatter stance with thick rubber in place, the owner has opted for wider rims and tyres at the rear. The diameter of all-4 rims stays identical at 20 inches. The profile of tyres used on the front axle of this Compass is 245/45 R20, while those used at the rear boasts of a tyre profile of 275/35 R20. To accentuate the visual appeal of these tyres furthermore, tyre stickers have been used, which read – PIRELLI PZERO. However, these tyres come from Dunlop.


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This modification job has been performed by folks at Crave Design, who are based out of Delhi. Apart from getting itself a set of flashy rims and low-profile tyres, this Jeep Compass is in stock condition. It wears a factory-spec Hydro Blue paint scheme, which gels well with the bling of these rims. We often say that low-profile tyres and massive rims come with an added cost of reduced comfort.

Hydro Blue Jeep Compass With 20-inch Rims Looks Baller

However, we think that Jeep Compass can make up for the smaller side walls with its semi-active dampers. The Compass comes with Frequency Selective Damping, where the user can switch between various pre-defined modes to adjust the magnetic frequency of rheostatic fluid-filled dampers. Talking of the prices, the Jeep Compass is retailed at a starting price of Rs. 16.49 lakh for the base-spec Sport Plus trim, while the top-spec Limited Plus 4x4 trim is priced at Rs. 24.99 lakh.

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