Lexus RC F Features In Men In Black’s Latest Instalment

by Vivaan Khatri | 19/06/2019
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Men In Black: International was released on June 14. For the car nuts, the highlight will be the Lexus RC F that has been in the prime light of the latest instalment in the MIB franchisee

The fourth instalment of the legendary franchise hit the cinema on June 14. Just likely other nerve-wreaking action movies, Men In Black, besides all the stunt, is a showcase of all the fancy cars which are must-have for each and every action heroes, especially the ones in suits, on the silver screen. After seven years of hiatus, the international-known movie will introduce the new cast and, of course, a fleet of new cars. As revealed on the trailer, the new Men In Black’s main characters will cruise around on the new shiny Lexus RC F Coupe.

Behind the Scenes: Lexus X “Men in Black: International

In this blockbuster, we will follow Agent M by Tessa Thompson and Agent H by Chris Hemsworth. The movie is set in London, so we will see the duo going around town with right-hand Lexus RC F Coupe. Besides the RC F Coupe, we also see a slew of black RX SUVs.

When the two main characters get back to London, they get their hands on the specially-custom 2020 model RC F. In the trailer, we could see Agent M transform the car into a QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet by using the touchpad infotainment controller, which is surely not viable with the current automobile technology. It is really fascinating seeing how movie producers intertwine our reality with imagination.


The vehicles have always been the highlight of action blockbusters, and the Men In Black, throughout its history, is no exception. But compared with the vehicles from the previous instalments including the 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500 sedan, and a 2012 Ford Taurus SHO, the RC F is real progress. The RC F receives power from a V8 engine that could develop the maximum power of 472 PS. Moreover, it gets a sport-tuned suspension. The RC F used on the movie is a 2020 facelift version which delivers some new notes on the exterior as well as the mechanical, for example, weight loss, improved engine output, and revised suspension. All in all, it is a perfect match for the MIB agents.

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