Sub-Inspector Wrongfully Probed Over Stopping Deputy Collector’s Mahindra XUV300

by Kshitij Rawat | 29/06/2020
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Recently, various police sub-inspectors in Maharashtra have come out in support of a fellow officer, who was wrongly probed for performing his duties by a Government officer.

In 2017, the Government of India decided that the time has come for VIPs to stop mounting red or blue light beacons on the roof of their cars to receive special attention on roads. Only a few dignitaries are allowed to use it, and that too on designated vehicles only. Various government officers and politicians had previously misused the privilege to make their commutes and travels easier at the expense of the common populace.

Maharashtra Sub Inspector Wrongful Probed Over Deputy Collector Car

The deputy collector's private car at Hingoli police station (Image:

Most only that, but such beacons were also used by relatives of a VIP on their own cars, because nepotism doesn’t just exist in Bollywood. A “VIP” car not only inconveniences the people, but it also disrupts the flow of traffic and brings utter chaos to our roads, where the traffic police are already struggling to maintain some kind of order. That, however, doesn’t stop some VIPs from still continuing with the malpractice.


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On 13th June 2020, a sub-inspector in the Maharashtra Police Department stopped a private vehicle with a red light beacon on the roof. The officer stopped the vehicle and inquired about the business of its occupants. Turns out that the vehicle belonged to a deputy collector, who decided to threaten and abuse the officer on duty.

Maharashtra Police

The PSI took the matter to the police station, where the deputy collector proceeded to threaten action against the police sub-inspector. The vehicle was neither impounded and no fine was imposed. The PSI then wrote a letter to the police department for appropriate action regarding this incident. The sub-inspector was identified as Anmod and the deputy collector as Chandrakant Surya. Various sub-inspectors all over Maharashtra have come out in support of Anmod, actively sharing the details of the incident via Whatsapp.


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Although India is currently still suffering through a pandemic explosion and there was a restrictive lockdown, there were people running up and down the streets. Of course, there are police officers stationed at various places on the roads of India, monitoring people who are travelling around to check if they are out of their homes for a reason or if they are out for a joyride. Of course, if an officer spots some other problem, like a red light beacon on a private vehicle, the police is duty-bound to ask questions.

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