Mahindra Bolero Modified To Fit India’s Tallest Cop

by Mohammed Burman | 20/09/2020
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Recently, a video which shows the everyday life of Mr Jagdeep Singh, India’s tallest police officer, has been released with a special focus on his modified Mahindra Bolero. Read on to discover.

India is well-known for people with special genetics, which can be traced through the country’s various regions. Punjab is famous for tall and big men, one of whom is Mr Jagdeep Singh, a 7.6-feet man, who is a police officer in Punjab for 19 years. He is known to be the tallest police officer in India.


Mahindra Bolero Modified Into Land Rover Defender

Recently, a video which has been released online shows the special police’s everyday life with his family. With his great height, he is faced with the pressure from people’s stares wherever he goes and great difficulties in life as well. Singh has been appointed a Mahindra Bolero for his daily task. This Mahindra Bolero has been customized with the height remaining unchanged but it has been lifted up so that he can enter and exit the car more easily. He is frequently spotted driving the Mahindra Bolero to patrol around the town. Although the modification details of the car have not been revealed, we can realize that wider tyres have been fit into the car, which makes the vehicle taller than originally. Nevertheless, Singh’s turban still touches the car roof, which makes the car look like a toy.


Modified Mahindra Bolero Looks Like a Jeep Wrangler

The car is also equipped with an aftermarket bumper, which is quite common in such customized off-road vehicles. Nevertheless, we have to take the fact that the use of an aftermarket bumper is banned by the highest court of India into consideration. The reason is that if the bumper has a solid structure, it can damage the vehicle which comes into contact with this bumper. The auxiliary bumper which is mounted on the top of the bull bar can solve this problem.

jagdeep singh mahindra bolero front

This Mahindra Bolero has been lifted up so that Singh can enter and exit the car more easily.

In the video, we can also see him ride a motorcycle which looks like a toy with him on top of it. He has a customized 8x8 feet bed which can accommodate his body comfortably. Whenever he goes out, people queued to take pictures with the famous cop. He also appeared in several movies such as the box office breaker Rang De Basanti, in which he was seen in the famous shot of picking up Aamir Khan in the wrestling pit.

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