Supercar Blondie Features A Mahindra Savari Pick-up Truck On Her Video

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/02/2021
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Mahindra Savari shows its outstanding performance when crossing a waterfall. The video is reposted by Supercar Blondie, a famous content creator.

If you are a car fan, you will definitely know who Supercar Blondie is. She is one of the biggest content creators who cover content about cars. Her Facebook account has accumulated over 34 million followers and her Youtube channel has over 5 million subscribers. With a strong focus on exotic and fancy high-end cars, this Vlogger has become one of the brightest names in the automotive media. Currently, on a video posted on her Facebook page, Supercar Blondie has, for the first time, showed the world the utilitarian Mahindra Savari on an adventure in the Himalayas.


Mahindra Savari in extreme driving condition 

On the video, she has shown two different footages of vehicles crossing the extremely dangerous driving condition where the waterfall meets the road. The famous content creator did not take the adventure herself but she was so impressed that she decided to re-upload and introduce these nerve-wracking experiences to her audience.


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As we can see from the first video, the truck is crossing an incredibly dangerous terrain where the road runs across a hastily flowing waterfall. The water is so high that, from the top of the car, we can barely see the road surface. The water might hide some massive potholes which are common on a mountainous road. As a result, the car might get stuck in the middle of the heavy water flow. In the worst case, the strong water might push the car towards the cliff, which would be a deathly situation if the edge is guardless. Fortunately, the vehicles in the video, Mahindra Savari has reached the other side of the waterfall safely in the cheers of all the occupants. Even when the car gets out of the water, the road still looks dangerous.

In the second video, it continues showing footage of other two Mahindra Savari crossing the same road. The second video was recorded before the side railing was set up. If the car flips, it will fall right down the steep cliff. Once again, the Mahindra Savari succeeded in passing this dangerous part.



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Mahindra Savari was discontinued a long time ago. This model was later replaced by Mahindra Bolero. It was powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine which puts out 58 BHP and 160 Nm. This car model is highly cherished thanks to its high reliability and good off-road ability, which also explains why this model is still relevant until these days.

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