Mahindra Thar Installed With A Train’s Horn Worth Rs 1 Lakh

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 20/05/2020
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Here's a Mahindra Thar, which is fitted with a pressure horn worth Rs. 1.00 lakh. It sounds louder than a train's horn.

Mahindra Thar was one of the most tuner-friendly SUV that was on sale in the country, until last year. Modified examples with gears to travel on Mars can often be spotted on the roads. However, such vehicles are much fun to spot off the roads in the territory they belong to. Owners put in a lot of efforts and money on customizing their Thars. We came across an example on Lokesh Swami’s YouTube channel, which had a train’s horn. In the video, the host revealed that the total cost of this horn is whopping Rs. 1.00 lakh.


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The horn comprises of an air compressor, which as claimed by the owner is imported from Canada for Rs. 45,000 plus shipping and taxes. The cost of trumpets mounted on the car’s front bumper set him back by Rs. 25,000. Over these expenses, the owner also paid a heavy sum for its installation. Interestingly the air compressor coupled to this horn can also be used to inflate the car’s tyres as well.

However, we would not advise anyone to install such high-intensity pressures horns on their vehicles. These horns are so loud that they can make people skip a heartbeat or two. They are not road legal either, as the maximum limit of sound level for a road-legal horn stands at 112 dB. The owner confirmed that he has fitted a double security switch to operate this horn. Also, it is only used when the vehicle is participating in off-road rallies to give other participants and spectators an idea of its location.


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Mahindra Thar Installed With A Train’s Horn Worth Rs 1.00 Lakh

The horn setup is fitted with an air compressor, which is fitted with an air compressor imported from Canada.

Talking of the Thar, it is the last generation of the vehicle, which was discontinued in October last year. Currently, the carmaker is in the final phase of tests of the new-gen Thar. It is expected to be launched later this year. It will feature an all-new platform and body shell. The new Thar will look much more modern and upmarket than the older model. And, it will also feature new engine and gearbox options. A petrol motor is also on the cards this time.

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