The Complete List of Mahindra Xylo Parts Price

by IndianAuto Team | 30/03/2020
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Here are the full details of every car part price of the Mahindra Xylo that you can refer to before going to the showroom for maintenance.

Mahindra & Mahindra has established a firm position in the automobile market. The homegrown car brand is widely known for its popular range of capable and affordable SUVs and off-roaders. Among the most popular model on Mahindra’s line-up are the Bolero, Thar, Scorpion and the Xylo. Mahindra Xylo is rivalling against the likes of Maruti Ertiga and Honda Mobilio in the MUV space.

Mahindra Xylo black three quarter front

Mahindra Xylo is competing in the MPVs segment

Mahindra Xylo Overview

For the Mahindra Xylo, you can not expect equal premiumness as in other similarly priced MPVs since this car is not targeting in the premium space. Instead, Mahindra Xylo is a value-for-money option that comes with high practicality and low maintenance cost. This car is a wonderful option for car users with large families owing to its generous space room. It also feels nice to drive in both rural and urban areas. Overall, the MPV can meet the basic needs of most car owners.

Mahindra Xylo is available with two diesel engines, 2.2-litre and 2.5-litre options. It comes in four variants, D2, D4, H4, and H8. The MPV is priced from Rs 9.17 lakh to 12 lakh.

Mahindra Xylo Parts Price List 

It is highly recommended for every car owners to have their car cared and serviced by an authorized service centre. It is also of the equal importance to have your car parts replaced with genuine spare parts produced by the same car marker. Mahindra Xylo owners can look for the Mahindra Xylo parts price list below.

Mahindra Xylo Exterior Parts Price List

Mahindra Xylo Parts

Prices Extra GST Total Cost

Front Bumper

Rs. 5,458

Rs. 1,528

Rs. 6,986

Rear Bumper

Rs. 4,691

Rs. 1,313

Rs. 6,004


Rs. 7,982

Rs. 2,234

Rs. 10,216

Front Windshield Glass

Rs. 8,145

Rs. 2,280

Rs. 10,425

Rear Windshield Glass

Rs. 4,978

Rs. 1,393

Rs. 6,371

Left or Right Fender

Rs. 2,098

Rs. 587

Rs. 2,685

Left or Right Headlamp

Rs. 7,238

Rs. 2,026

Rs. 9,264

Left or Right Taillamp

Rs. 2,978

Rs. 833

Rs. 3,811


Rs. 8,940

Rs. 2,503

Rs. 11,443


Rs. 10,153

Rs. 2,842

Rs. 12,995


Rs. 13,283

Rs. 3,719

Rs. 17,002

Front Door Handle

Rs. 185

Rs. 51

Rs. 236

Rear View Mirror

Rs. 2,994

Rs. 838

Rs. 3,832

Back Panel

Rs. 2,510

Rs. 702

Rs. 3,212

Fog Lamp Assembly

Rs. 1,040

Rs. 291

Rs. 1,331

Front Panel

Rs. 2,510

Rs. 702

Rs. 3,212


Rs. 582

Rs. 162

Rs. 744

Left Or Right Fog Lamp

Rs. 2,080

Rs. 582

Rs. 2,662

Side View Mirror

Rs. 4,385

Rs. 1,227 Rs. 5,612

Mahindra Xylo Mechanic Parts 

Mahindra Xylo Parts

Price Extra GST Total Cost

Accessory belt

Rs. 1,614

Rs. 451

Rs. 2,065

Oil Filter

Rs. 220

Rs. 61

Rs. 281

Air Filter

Rs. 1,714

Rs. 479

Rs. 2,193

Timing Chain

Rs. 3,335

Rs. 933

Rs. 4,268

Fuel Filter

Rs. 1,022

Rs. 286

Rs. 1,308

Spark Plug

Rs. 150

Rs. 42

Rs. 192

Cylinder Kit

Rs. 36,901

Rs. 10,332

Rs. 47,233

Clutch Plate

Rs. 4,070

Rs. 1,139

Rs. 5,209

Combination Switch

Rs. 2,499

Rs. 699

Rs. 3,198

Disc Brake Front

Rs. 2,837

Rs. 794

Rs. 3,631

Disc Brake Rear

Rs. 2,837

Rs. 794

Rs. 3,631

Shock Absorber Set

Rs. 3,552

Rs. 994

Rs. 4,546

Front/Rear Brake Pads

Rs. 3,207

Rs. 897

Rs. 4,104

Fuel Tank

Rs. 10,822

Rs. 3,030

Rs. 13,852

Silencer Assly

Rs. 16,932

Rs. 4,740

Rs. 21,672


Rs. 495

Rs. 138

Rs. 633

Engine Guard


Rs. 1,484

Rs. 6,787



Rs. 92

Rs. 422


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