Maruti Omni Gets Lowered Stance & Dark Green Paintjob, Looks Intimidating

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 01/01/2021
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After 35 long years, production for the Maruti Omni finally came to an end in 2019. Take a look at this extensively modified Omni which looks ready to pick you up at the next stop.

Production for the Maruti Omni finally came to an end in 2019, 35 years after it was first launched in India. Till March 2019, the venerable van was still selling around 6-7000 units. The Omni was the second Maruti product to be launched after the 800, using the same engine but came in a boxy van avatar. It was loved by the Indian consumer due to its cavernous interiors and the option of an 8-seater variant. The Omni also became famous for being the kidnapper’s vehicle of choice in Indian cinema! Today we have got this modified Omni which looks nothing like the stock version.


This Modified Maruti Omni Is More "BADASS" Than Kia Seltos

As you can see in the pictures, this is a Maruti Omni that has been given a thorough modification job. The first thing that you’ll notice is that it gets a huge body kit all round and a lowered ride height, giving it an aggressive and mean stance. It is finished in a dark bottle-green shade while the wheels are now deep-dished ones. On the front, it gets new projector headlamps with angular DRLs. You’ll notice the big radiator inside the bumper, the stock Omni’s radiator used to sit under the passenger side of the front end. It looks like the radiator has been moved to the centre as the body kit is covering that section. The Omni also gets a set of new wing mirrors which are much sleeker than the old ones. Overall, this is a very tastefully done modification job, and the dark paint job makes the kidnapper’s van even scarier! Details of any mechanical mods weren’t available, which means it’s using the stock 3-pot petrol still.

Over its over three decades of being in production, it went through only a few upgrades and remained similar to the first one from 1984. Only notable upgrades came in 1998 when the round headlights made way for rectangular ones and the engine was fuel-injected to meet emission norms. It also finally added a fuel gauge and a slot for an audio system. The other major update came in 2008 which gave clear lenses to the headlights, a few subtle visual tweaks, and a new steering wheel and dashboard. The Omni most probably would have kept chugging along if it weren’t for the new and strict safety norms, which would have needed extensive changes to the van to keep selling.


This Has To Be The Most Extreme Maruti Omni Ever Seen

The Maruti Omni was powered by an 800cc 3-pot N/A engine during the whole of its production span. The engine made peak power and torque figures of 40 PS/68 Nm respectively and was mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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