Maruti S-Cross Driver Starts Wearing Helmet After Receiving Wrong Fine

by Vivaan Khatri | 13/09/2019
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After receiving a wrong fine for not wearing a helmet, a car driver has started wearing a helmet while driving his Maruti S-Cross to protest against the false accusation.

Recently, the government has introduced a new set of enforced traffic rules which is now implemented across India. Since the implementation of the MV Act, stories about the unusual cases of traffic law violation were reported regularly on the news. Currently, Piyush Varshney, a driver from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, was issued an electric challan for not wearing a helmet while driving his Maruti S-Cross. He was fined on August 27 which was before the new MV Act went to effect. Under the old MV Act, Piyush was given a penalty of Rs 500. Fining a car driver for not wearing a helmet is an unusual blunder but not a unique case. In fact, in India, there are reports about several cases in which a car driver or motorcyclist was wrongly penalized for a violation that they did not commit. The funny part is how Piyush reacts to the unfair fine. To protest against the ridiculous punishment, he has started wearing a helmet while driving his car.

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In an interview with ANI, Piyush, with a straight face, shared that he has to wear a helmet now due to his fear of getting the fine again. However, it is clearly that he is offended by the awfully wrong accusation and starts his protest. Luckily, his story has become viral and attracted the attention of the authority. Police officers are reinvestigating his case.

As you might also wonder, how come a car driver is accused of not wearing a helmet? Is there any unpopular law that requests car driver to wear a helmet in a particular circumstance that we don’t know? The answer is no, and in this case, Piyush was clearly innocent. In the fine document, the registration number in place matches his car’s number, however, the attached image shows two motorists who were not wearing a helmet. As it turns out, due to wrong entry of vehicle number, instead of the two motorist in the picture, Piyush was fined.

delhi police officer stop a motorbike

The amended MV Act was implemented in most states across India

In a similar case, another car driver was also given a challan for not wearing a helmet. It was found out later that a scooter whose rider was not wearing helmet used a fake number plate that matches the car’s registration number. Last year, a motorcycle rider received a penalty for not wearing a seatbelt. The mentioned obscure cases are just some among various other wrong fines.

After the amended MV Act went into effect, the fines are increased by a large amount. The new MV Act is hoped to enforce and strengthen the traffic law system. In the previous system, due to the insignificant fines, people do not pay much attention to the traffic laws. It was one major cause for the terrible danger in Indian roads. The increased fine is expected to make people become more aware of the regulation and the road, hence, can become safer for everyone. For more new interesting stories, check out

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