Mercedes-Benz SUV Gets Stuck While Off-roading, Rescued By Mahindra Thar

by Jatin Chhibber | 13/06/2021
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Here’s a recent video where a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class can be seen getting rescued by Mahindra Thar. 

Off-roading or dune bashing has started attracting a lot of enthusiasts. Now many people are buying SUVs, and are going in groups in deserts or off-road trails to have fun and also to check capabilities of their vehicle. There’s always a certain level of risk involved while doing such activities that's why we always prefer you to do it under the supervision of an expert. Here’s a recent video, which shows a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class SUV rescued by Mahindra Thar after getting stuck in the dunes.


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This video is uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Lokesh Swami. The vlogger and some of his friends were doing dune bashing in Rajasthan when then they found a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class SUV stuck in the dunes. The occupants sitting inside the luxury SUV were dune bashing alone and were stuck in the dunes. The Mercedes-Benz SUV was stuck on the top of the dune. The driver tried a lot of times to take out the car from the dune. The vlogger and his friends helped them to rescue their big premium SUV. They brought one of their Mahindra Thar and tried to pull it out via a rope. It took no time for the Mahindra SUV to rescue the ML-Class.



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Mercedes-Benz is a capable SUV, but certain reasons lead to such situation. The driver driving the Mercedes SUV was not a local and was there for a weekend drive. He was unaware of the dunes and did not have any backup car. The first thing one should to before dune bashing is to reduce the tyre pressure. Doing this will increase your tyre grip and they will not sink in easily. Another reason was the tyres. The Mercedes ML-Class was running on regular highway tyres, which is not recommended for off-roading dune bashing. Always try to go in groups for such adventurous activities.

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