Mercedes-Benz G-Class Pickup Truck Looks Stunning In This Digital Rendering

by Vivaan Khatri | 20/07/2020
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A new rendering of the G Class under the pickup form has been circulating around the internet. Check out this stunning design of the G Class-based pickup truck.

Earlier, Mercedes-Benz has announced the discontinuation of the Mercedes X-Class. The ill-fated pick-up truck went into production back in 2017. Unfortunately, X-Class has not been doing well in the market due to its exorbitantly high pricing. To look on the bright side, the end of this pick-up truck might lead to the birth of a new product. Recently, we came across a digital rendering of the Mercedes G-Class pick-up truck, while scrolling our Instagram feed. This exciting combination constantly catches the attention of car fans. Considering the success of the G-Class, it is not a bad idea to add a pickup version to this sought-after line-up.

mercedes g class pickup truck front renderings

Mercedes Benz G-Class pickup is imagined in a new rendering made by a fan

The pick-up rendering is based on the Mercedes G-Class AMG G63. From the front end, it carries over the same design as the G-Class with boxy form and upright front windshield. On the side profile, it keeps a similar design from the front door to the B-pillar. The rear windows are removed and the entire cabin after the B-pillar is replaced with the pick-up truck bed. On the rear, the G-Class inspired pick-up truck keeps the swinging tailgate. The spare tyre is relocated in the bed, near the cabin. It features the same taillight setup with no tweaks at all. Originally, the AMG G63 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, which unleashes a top power of 577 Bhp. It would be wonderful to see the combination of such powerful drivetrain and a functional pickup truck.


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mercedes g class pickup truck rear rendering

Mercedes Benz G-Class based pickup comes with only one row

This model seems to be less practical due to limited seats when compared to other pickups which usually comes with at least two rows. However, it could be a unique feature peculiar to this G-Class pick-up.


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In real life, it is unlikely that Mercedes will rush into launching a new pickup truck to replace the axed X-Class. However, it is not all impossible for Mercedes-Benz to return the pickup space with a G-Class based model. Previously, we have seen utility vehicle manufacturer Jeep introducing a pickup version of its famous Wrangler SUV. If the German carmaker plans to launch a G-Class pickup, it will carry a sky-high price tag.

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