This Modified Force Traveller Is Actually An Office On Wheels

by Mohammed Burman | 05/01/2021
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Recently a video showing a Force Traveller which has been modified to become an office on wheels has been released. Read on for more details.

In the Indian auto market, modified caravans are not popular; automakers in the country see no value in creating such products. Nevertheless, there are still a few people who go to any lengths to customize such kind of vehicle. Below is a video showing a Force Traveller which has been modified by Josh designs based out of Kerela to become an office on wheels which is comfortable enough to serve all the owner’s demands. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video.


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The exterior of the caravan has been completely modified. The metal body has been maintained but considerable tweaks are done to the grille and the headlights. The grille comes with brand-new chrome strips with a Mercedes logo in the centre. The stock headlights have also given way to aftermarket units from the Honda Civic, which makes the car appear to be sharper. Some of the more outstanding features of the modified Force Traveller are the LED DRLs and fog lights on the restyled lower part of the bumper. On the side profile, 17-inch alloy rims are available to make the caravan more masculine. Al the windows are fixed to keep the car fully air-conditioned. The rear bumper has also been redesigned; a spare wheel is mounted onto the door and stock taillights have also given way to aftermarket units. The air suspension in the rear has also been modified to provide the occupants with a more comfortable experience.

modified force traveller office on wheels


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As regards the interior, the modifiers have tried their best to make the car as comfortable as possible. Between the driver seat and the rest of the car is an electric door. Behind the electric door is a 7-feet sofa and two recliners. The sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bed for two adults. The cabin of the car is replete with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies including an LCD screen, a refrigerator, an inverter, microwave oven, a LED lighting system and many storage spaces. Moreover, there is also a Sony sound system and an additional split air conditioner in addition to the standard unit. The video has not revealed the total cost of the entire modification job but this is a real value for money.

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