Check Out This Modified Ford Endeavour That Looks Like Raptor

by Vivaan Khatri | 08/11/2019
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This Ford Endeavour is modified to look like a Ford Raptor, Ford’s famous pick-up truck.

Ford Raptor is the flagship model of Ford’s F150/250 pickup truck range. Compared with the regular models, the pick-up trucks are multiple-fold powered and butch-up appearance, making it a desirable companion for long road journey and carrying goods. Currently, a Ford Endeavor owner has modified his Ford Endeavor to resemble the pick-up truck, meaning it is given a complete makeover. After revised, the Ford Endeavor looks more rugged and stunning, especially from the front angle.

The fascia of the Ford Endeavour was modified to a great extent. Given new front headlights, a revised bumper and faux contrasting skid plates, the Ford Endeavour can now be seen under a new light, as a rugged and butch vehicle. The makeover also includes a great deal of sculpting happening on the front end, which has contributed a lot to the transformation of this car into a muscular vehicle. On the bonnet, this Ford Endeavour sports to new air scoop. To finish the last step of becoming a Raptor, the Endeavor has parted with its old grille and replaced it with a new grille with Ford lettering, just like the real Raptor.

The side profile also receives radical updates including a new alloy wheel equipped with wheel spacers which will help to extend the width hence, increase the stance of the car. Also, to buff the aggressive appearance, the wheel arches now are added with plastic cladding. The new look for the side is completed with black-out wing mirrors and door handles. With regard to the practicality and loading capacity, the top is mounted with roof rail for carrying stuff.

ford endeavour modified into a raptor

This Ford Endeavour appears to be a refined modified project 

The rear end also features a couple of updates including some black-out details around the taillight and under the rear window. The chrome bits of the Endeavour bar is now eradicated and replaced with a new black-out bit. The old bumper is replaced with a black aftermarket unit. Unlike the exterior, the interior sees no divergence from the stock version.

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Despite receiving a complete makeover, the mechanical parts retain unchanged in most parts except for the HKS diesel exhaust which spices up the performance of Ford Endeavour. Apart from that, the Ford Endeavour keeps the same 3.2-litre 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that is powerful enough to bring out 197 Bhp of peak power and 470 Nm of peak torque. This engine makes the Ford Endeavour even more powerful than Toyota Fortuner. A six-speed torque converter automatic gearbox is responsible for delivering the power to four wheels. Besides, the Ford Endeavour is also equipped with multiple terrain modes, promising an impressive performance.  

After going through various cosmetic updates, this Ford Endeavour looks mostly unrecognizable if not for the Ford Endeavour lettering on the boot lid bar. Admittedly, this modified Ford Endeavour has received a successful update. To read more car stories, visit

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