Modified Mahindra Bolero 4x4 Pickup Goes Off-road - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 18/11/2020
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We have this particular jacked up Mahindra 4x4 Bolero Pik-Up, dubbed the Black Beast return in a new video as it forges its way through some mud filled pathways in Assam. Watch the video below.

Where have you seen this all-black jacked-up Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up 4x4 before? Ah yes, right here in the IndianAuto website as yours truly covered this Bolero Pik-up getting a new paint job and getting some added modifications like the addition of beefier tow hooks front and rear. And the Black Beast appears again in a new video where we see it traversing through some really tough terrain. 


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The video has been uploaded by All in One Entertainment over on Youtube, which cuts to the chase of the Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up going off-road directly from the beginning. The location is a tea estate, one of the numerous in Assam (which is famous for its tea you see). We see the Pik-Up trying to go through the mud and water-filled pathway that can be generously termed as the road, and managing to get itself stuck rather quickly. But after a couple of times reversing, the Pik-Up finally manage to cross the muddy hole and chug along.

In the entirety of the video we see the Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up going through muddy pathways, and if it is a commentary on the general conditions of rural Assam roads, it’s a bloody good one. Anyways, back to the video and we see the Pik-Up making light work of the conditions after the initial hiccup. You can see why the jacked-up ride height of this particular vehicle is important as it increases the wading depth which makes crossing this muddy terrain much easier and the axles are providing excellent wheel articulation which means every wheel is one the ground to provide traction. Usually traversing through puddles and holes this deep in a normal SUV will either lead to you getting stuck quite early, or one of the wheels flailing in thin air. The 4x4 system in the Bolero Pik-UP is working overtime as the tyres are covered in mud, drastically reducing the grip levels while the diesel engine provides great low-down torque to pull itself out of sticky situations. 


This Mahindra Bolero 4x4 Pickup is a Black Beast - VIDEO

Modified Mahindra Bolero 4x4 Pickup Goes Off-road

The Mahindra Bolero Pik-Up has been the most successful vehicle in the manufacturer's commercial vehicle lineup. It dominates its segment with a 70% market share and keeps selling like it's going out of fashion. Since it’s introduction as the Bolero Single cab way back in 2001, it has grown into a whole family of Pik-Ups, basically meaning there is a variant for every demand. Compared to its rivals, the  Bolero Pik-Up comes with superior performance and It features higher payload capacity, longest cargo body, and a modern contemporary cabin with high ergonomics and driver convenience. 

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