Modified Maruti Swifts Come With Air Suspension And Valvetronic Exhaust

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/03/2019
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Could you image a Swift come packed with air suspension and valvetrotic exhaust? Car modifier could probably take the job and do it well. Here is the proof

Maruti Swift is not only the best-selling model in the market but also possibly the most favoured and popular car within the car modifiers circuit, thanks to its easy availability and affordable price tag. There are many modified Swifts out there, and most of them are modified to bring in a new fancy look while retaining the heart and soul of the vehicle. But the following two units of modified Maruti Swift, there is a more sophisticated mod-job that changes the Swift inside out. The two modified Swift models here adopt an air suspension system and a valvetronic exhaust.

With an air suspension system, the stance of the car has been totally changed. The biggest bonus from the addition of air suspension is its excellent ride quality. A standard air suspension system includes air tank, air pumps. Besides, there is also an electric system that will take control over the contribution of air into the suspension. This suspension will be doubled as ride height monitor in the way that it will govern the amount of air to lower or raise the height of the vehicle. However, this technology is not widely used, instead, it is more popular on the upmarket vehicle like the Volvo’s buses.

With the new tech, this modified Maruti Swift could easily transform into a low-rider with just a simple button. The best part is that this low-rider stance is not fixed. Using the air suspension, this vehicle can switch to a higher-stance, too. The air suspension costs about Rs 1.8 lakh. On the other hand, the lowering kit is available at around Rs 35,000. The whole project is available at around Rs 2.2 lakh.

Maruti suzuki swift modified with air suspension

Thanks to the fitted air suspension, this Swift now comes with a great riding quality 

The other vehicle comes with valvetronic exhaust. With this system, a valve has been placed in the exhaust of the car. By opening the valve, it allows the air to flow more freely, thereby creating a satisfying husky sound. On the other hand, if the valve is closed, the exhaust returns to the normal note. Using this arrangement, you can cheat the law enforcement and get away with this loud system. This valve could be opened from the cabin with one single button mounted on the dashboard. You can buy the same valvetronic exhaust for Rs. 45,000.

The fitted valvetronic exhaust will give you the sports-car-like experience at low cost

The fitted valvetronic exhaust will give you the sports-car-like experience at low cost

These two modified Maruti Swift models are definitely quite unique even with the way they look. On one model, there is a new front grille, a new logo, new tail lights, and most notably alloy wheels. While the other with valvetronic exhaust is fitted with a sporty body kit.

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