Here are 4 Stunning Modified Tata Safari Storme of India

by Harish Kumar | 26/07/2020
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If you are the one who loves to stand apart from the crowd, check out our list of most outstanding modified tata safari storme in India below.

Tata Motors had tasted a fair share of success with the Tata Safari Storme for more than two decades. Known as the first-ever Indian SUV in the country, the Tata Safari was well complimented for its impressive driving comfort as well as the potent off-road performance. However, no matter how important and popular it is, the Safari Storme can’t avoid showing its age and the old man has retired from the market after almost 21 years of presence, making room for the upcoming Tata Gravitas.

modified tata safari storme mountain rescue front three quarters

Do note, that’s what happened to the Tata Safari Storme in the new car market, not the modified one. The SUV is still going strong in the department of modified cars of India and we’ve seen plenty of stunning examples of modified Tata Safari Storme which looks extremely rugged and up to date. While some of the modified Safari Storme are from car mod studios, others are tweaked in-house by Tata Motors itself. Let’s check out these outstanding modified Tata Safari Storme in India.

1. The Mountain Rescue

Though it’s been a while since the modified Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue took its wrap off at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, our impression on the car is still in-depth. Modified by its carmaker Tata Motors, this Tata Safari Storme has been modified to get the most gorgeous outside look with the stunning red and white mix.

Tata Safari Storme Mountain Rescue Concept at Geneva Motor Show 2013

The front end of the vehicle comes with metal bumper featuring a bull bar along with dual auxiliary lamps setup. The roof-mounted fog lamps with a luggage box are other highlighting changes on the vehicle.


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The biggest talking point to the side profile of the modified Tata Safari Storme should be the rugged-looking off-road-spec tires with snow chains to help the car find better traction on the snowy terrain. That said, after the mod jobs, the Safari Storme came off as a proper SUV to do its rescuing duty in the snow-covered mountain areas.

2. The MotorMind

Done by Motormind Automotive – a car modifying workshop based out in Bangalore, this can be the sportiest-looking modified Tata Safari Storme ever. The custom body kit of the SUV makes it look much more premium, none other than a luxury SUV going on sale in the market. There’s a new bumper at the front that matches well with the gaping air dam and sleek LED strips.

modified tata safari storme motormind

The factory-fitted front grille has been removed and made way for a customized unit, housing a “MotorMind” badge near the headlamps. The modified Tata Safari Storme also comes with hood ornamentation together with roof-mounted hazard lights. Bolder wheel arches with redesigned alloy wheels shod with wider tires are some other update standouts of the vehicle.


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3. The Ladakh Concept

Debuted at the Auto Expo 2014, the Tata Safari Storme Ladakh Concept looks ways more robust and upmarket with a set of modifications. The SUV gets a revised front end with the tweaked front grille, new headlamps that look sleeker than the regular units.

tata safari storme ladakh concept

The Safari Storme also comes with a redesigned bumper that is blacked-out, making a parallel visual effect with the black grille. The side profile of the SUV sports “Storme Ladakh” decals along with refreshed alloy wheels shod with off-road tires. The Storm features anodized blue accents that act as the highlights on the dark interior colour them, thereby resembling the landscape of Ladakh. A big thumbs-up for this modified Tata Safari Storme.


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4. The Off-road Customs

For those who enjoy dedicating themselves into hardcore off-road driving experiences, this modified Tata Safari Storme is the right choice. Built from the house of Tata, the modified Safari Storme was showcased by the company itself as a part of its modification package in Mumbai some years back.

modified tata safari storme orange front three quarters

The custom version of the Safari comes with a redesigned bumper, updated headlamps and bumper and roof-mounted auxiliary lamps, bonnet scoop, off-road spec tires and more. The matte orange wrap looks extra stunning on the modified Tata Safari Storme while generous chrome usage helps enhance the premium quotient of the model.

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