Check Out the Restored Nissan Jonga of MS Dhoni [Video]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 11/02/2020
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The famous cricketer, MS Dhoni has acquired a restored Nissan Jonga 1 Ton Pickup Truck and here's all you should know about this crazy piece of kit

MS Dhoni is a well-known name around the world and is known for his superior performance on the cricket grounds. The Nissan Jonga is also one such name when it comes to counting the capable offroaders of the last century. It is the predecessor to what is now Nissan Patrol. However, there were two versions of Jonga introduced in the Indian market. One was named Jonga, plain and simple, while another had the ‘1 Ton Pickup Truck’ suffix. The regular Jonga was built to take on the likes of then Willy’s Jeep and Toyota FJ40 (Land Cruiser). Recently, the much celebrated cricketer got himself a restored Nissan Jonga 1 Ton Pickup Truck. Needless to say, it looks like a pretty interesting piece of kit. 

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MS Dhoni Nissan Jonga 1 ton pickup truck sd offroaders nakodar

The restoration job on MS Dhoni's Nissan Jonga 1 Ton Pickup Truck is performed by the SD Offroaders, based out of Nakodar in Punjab.

The restored pickup truck can be seen in a video on YouTube by Dayakaran Vlogs. The video is shot inside the garage, where the YouTuber is seen explaining the changes and restoration process performed on the truck. The restoration job is performed by the SD Offroaders based out of Nakodar in Punjab. The garage specializes in arranging and restoring the old 4X4s. However, inputs from the cricketer were received and are incorporated with the build as well.

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MS Dhoni Nissan Jonga 1 ton pickup truck sd offroaders nakodar

The restored Jonga retains the original 6-cylinder petrol engine.

Talking of the build, Dhoni’s restored 1 Ton pickup truck is done in a shade of bright green and contrasting black elements are used to give the pickup a rugged look. The ruggedness is further improved by the 17-inch steel wheels shod with 37-inch offroad rubber. The wheels are mounted on hubs suspended by independent suspension at the front and a solid axle at the rear. The original 6-cylinder petrol engine is restored as well.

The interiors of the trucks are spruced up to match the comfort level of new-age SUVs. The windows are power operated and the seats on this truck are wrapped in brown leathers. For much such content on nicely done cars, keep following this space on

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