This Resto-Modded Fiat Uno Looks Charmingly Oldschool

by Kshitij Rawat | 04/05/2020
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Check out this immaculately restored and customised Fiat Uno hatchback in all its retro-glory.

At IndianAuto, we love custom cars. We also love old school stuff. Every once in a while, we come across something that combines the two in a single package- a customized car from an era gone by. Want to see one? Check out this neat Fiat Uno below!

Fiat Uno modified front angle aerial shot

The pictures seen here were posted on Stay Tuned India’s facebook page by Akash.  This particular Fiat Uno has had only a few modifications, like lowered springs and new 16-inch ‘Abarth’ alloy wheels (from Abarth Punto) with 195/45 Accelera tyres. The car also uses custom headers for the exhaust. At the rear, we see a custom bumper and a new, larger tailpipe. At the front, the grille seems new, but with the old Fiat logo and a sticker of the Italian flag.

Fiat Uno modified rear angle

If you look closely, you can see inside the car as well. The seats might look custom in these pictures, but that’s just the original design! The front seats had hollowed-out headrests, and the rear seats didn’t have any. Apart from the wheels, rear bumper, and tailpipe, the car has been immaculately restored to its former state, and looks pretty close to stock condition.

Fiat Uno modified front angle

Fiat Uno was first launched in India in 1996 and was discontinued in 2002. Sadly, it could never do well in the market owing to poor dealer support. The car was available in both, petrol- and diesel-powered variants. The petrol engine was a 1.2-litre unit, and the diesel was 1.7-litres in displacement. There was also a 1.0-litre petrol unit from the FIRE range that was available initially. However, it was replaced due to the lethargic performance. This particular Uno is the petrol model. The 1242 cc motor belts out a 63 PS and 92 Nm stock. With the custom exhaust, this one might have a few more horses. The transmission is a 5-speed manual gearbox, and power is sent to the front wheels. Its boxy design with clean exterior lines makes it one of the simplest and prettiest cars ever.


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If you have a custom car you’d like to show off, feel free to share pictures of your car with us. For more interesting automotive content, keep following IndianAuto.

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