Rolls-Royce Supercar Would Be An Interesting Proposition, This Rendering Suggests

by Vivaan Khatri | 10/06/2020
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Will the Rolls Royce supercar look as gorgeous as the Porsches and the Lamborghinis? This rendering will give you some clues. Check it out.

Rolls-Royce is known for its bespoke line-up of extravagant luxury cars. The British car brand is usually associated with elegance, class, and expensive price tags. However, recently, Rolls-Royce has challenged the common perception toward its brand image by introducing the first SUV ever in its line-up, the Cullinan. The launch of the Rolls-Royce SUV has also opened various opportunities for the car brand in the future. The brand might also come up with a supercar, which will, with no doubt, shock the world. Recently, Rain Prisk, a car render artist, has created a digitally-imagined version of an uber-cool Rolls-Royce supercar.


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rolls royce supercar rendering

The Rolls-Royce supercar looks interesting in the above render.

The tricky part of this project is to combine Rolls-Royce’s classy image with sporty design elements that are familiar in supercar designs. Rolls-Royce’s cars have an iconically long, imposing, and upright front end with a modern-retro themed radiator grille. And, these elements will make for a complete mess if integrated with a supercar’s performance-oriented design cues. Even the render artist admits that creating the Rolls-Royce supercar was a real challenge for him.


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Regardless of the challenge, everything looks just right in the final results. The imagined Rolls-Royce supercar gets the two-door design. The rendered supercar retains British carmaker’s classic extravagant and retro-themed design while compromising its boxy outline to adopt sharper aesthetics. On the front end, Rolls-Royce's dominant grille is downsized but still keeps its signature look intact. The front bonnet looks curvier than the traditional Rolls-Royce cars. And, of course, it would not be complete without the legendary Spirit of Ecstasy symbol. On the side profile, the sloping roofline adds the final retouch that turns this Rolls-Royce into a real sports car.

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Apparently, this Rolls-Royce supercar is purely an imagination of the digital artist. It does not indicate the brand's intention of introducing a supercar in the near future. The owner of this rendering also said that this is the most pointless design he has ever created. However, there is no limit to future possibilities. Let’s hope that one day we do get to see a Rolls-Royce supercar setting the tarmac ablaze around the globe.

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