RTO Mumbai Offices: Addresses, Contacts, Timings, Procedures

by Vivaan Khatri | 26/02/2021
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Check out the list of all RTO offices in Mumbai in case you need to obtain any vehicle-related documents.

RTO offices are established in every states, cities, union territory across India. In Maharashtra, there are over 50 RTO offices. In the city of Mumbai, there are 3 RTO offices. All RTO offices in Mumbai as well as in other cities across the nations are all established under the provision of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. RTO office’s main functions include managing vehicle owner database as well as taking various responsibilities related to vehicles and transportation.


There are three RTO offices in Mumbai city 

If you are currently living in Mumbai, there might be times you need to visit the RTO offices for particular purposes related to your vehicle. In this case, here is the list of all RTO offices in Mumbai that you might have to visit:

RTO Offices in Mumbai

RTO Addresses

RTO Codes

Contact details

RTO Mumbai – South

Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, 400 034



RTO Mumbai – West

111-D, Ambivali Village, New Manish Nagar, Versova Road, Mumbai 400 053



RTO Mumbai – East

B2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminals, Wadala, Mumbai, 400 037



  • Timings for all RTO Mumbai Offices: 10 AM - 5 PM

What are the functions of RTO Mumbai Offices?

As mentioned above, the RTO offices are established to process all the activities related to vehicles and transportation under the provision of the MVA. To be specific, each RTO will be responsible for the following functions:

  • Issue and renew driving licenses

  • Issue and renew vehicle registration

  • Implement and take road safety measures

  • Inspect vehicles at designate check posts

  • Collect vehicle fees and taxes

  • Conduct driving tests for learners

  • Issue permits for all tourist vehicles

  • Issue fitness certification, permits

  • Issue No Objection Certificate or the NOC for transfer

How to register a vehicle at RTO Mumbai Offices?

In order to drive a car legally on the Indian roads, it is compulsory for a car owner to acquire vehicle registration for their vehicles. The RTO office is where you can apply for vehicle registration. In Mumbai, you can visit one of the three RTO offices listed above to process the registration of your car.

Here are all the documents that you should prepare to register a car at RTO Mumbai offices:

  • Form 20: Vehicle registration application form

  • Form 21: Sales certificate provided by dealers

  • Form 22: Certificate provided by car manufacturer detailing the vehicle’s emission level.

  • Form 34: Loan hypothecation

  • Vehicle invoice

  • Insurance papers

  • Address proof

  • Identity proof

  • Temporary RC number (if any)

  • Proof of paid road tax

  • Recent photographs of car owner (Visa sized)

  • Vehicle registration fee

  • Sale tax clearance certificate (for vehicles registered in another state)

  • STA approval of vehicle (for trailer vehicles)

  • Manufacturer certificate (for carriage)


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How to renew your driving license at RTO Mumbai Offices?

To be able to drive on road, one must attain a driver license first. However, it should be noted that after 20 years, the driver license must be renewed. Here are all the documents required to apply for driving license renewal:

  • Form 9

  • Copies of expired original driving license

  • Ford 1A and Medical certification (in case the driver is over 40 years old)

  • 2 passport-sized photographs of the driver

  • Driver age and address proof

  • Renewal application fee


You can apply for a driving license either online or offline

It is also possible for you to apply for renewing your driving license online.

  • Go to Parivahan website, select your location

  • Select Apply Online, then select Driving Licence Related Services

  • Select the state, click on Apply for DL Renewal

  • Proceed to fill the Application form

  • Upload requested documents, photos and so.

  • Pay application fee

  • Verify the pay status

  • Print the receipt


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How to check the status of a driving license issued by RTO Mumbai?

With the help of technology, most paperwork process is now transparent and can be checked easily online. Now you can check the status of your driving license issued by RTO Mumbai via the Transport Department website or via the Parivahan website. Regularly, it will take around two weeks for the RTO office to process and issue the driving license after the applicant finishes all the driving test. Here how you can check the status of your driving license:

  • Go to https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/

  • Click “Online Service”, select Driving License Related Services

  • Select the state from the drop-down menu

  • Click on the Application Status on the far right of the menu

  • Enter the Application Number, your date of birth and complete the verification step

  • Click Submit and the website will load the details of your driving license’s status

Similarly, you can also visit the Maharasha’s Transfort department’s website to check.

Are RTO offices in Mumbai open during the pandemic?

The RTO offices are still open during the pandemic. However, in order to comply with the social distancing norms, the government is shifting some processes online in order to reduce the need for physical contact. For example, the citizens now can apply for a driver license, duplicate driving license, license renewal as well as temporary vehicle registration. The online portal also allows the citizens to update their address on their driver license, driving permit, duplicate registration certification, NOC for registration and more.

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