RTO Chandigarh: Address, Phone, Timings, Functions & More

by Harish Kumar | 04/12/2020
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If you are looking for more details on Chandigarh RTO such as the RTO code, official website, location, timings, and functions, please check out our complete list of RTO offices in Chandigarh below.

Being the first planned city, Chandigarh is considered one of the best-organized cities in India. In fact, the capital city of both Haryana and Punjab is quite distinct from the rest of the country. Chandigarh itself is said to be one of the greatest experiments in the country’s urban planning and modern architecture in the 20th century.

1. Address of RTO office in Chandigarh

Regional Transport Offices in Chandigarh were established under section 213 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The Transport Department holds the responsibility of controlling vehicular pollution, providing registration of vehicles, driving licenses, permits, and collection of road taxes.

RTO office in chandigarh

The table below includes the RTO Chandigarh code, location, contact number, timings, among others.

RTO Code:



The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Sector 17, Chandigarh



Office Timings:

9 AM - 5 PM

Contact Number:

91 172 2700341





Functions of RTO Chandigarh

The functions of the RTO office in Chandigarh may be somehow different from other cities, given the fact that Chandigarh is the union territory. We list out the core functions of Chandigarh RTO offices in Punjab and in Haryana, as following:

  • Issuance of Learner's Driving License and Permanent Driving License

  • Driving License Renewal and Duplicate Driving License

  • Issuance of vehicle registration

  • Issuance of temporary and permanent RC

  • Issuance of duplicate RC and RC renewal

  • Issuance of RC re-registration for the inter-state purchase

  • Ownership transfer

  • Issuance of International Driving Permit


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2. Types of Driving Licenses Issued By RTO  in Chandigarh

Here are all types of driving licenses that can be issued by the RTO Chandigarh:

  • License for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV): the license holder of LMV can control vehicles like cars, three-wheelers, vans, jeeps, etc. which come under Light Motor Vehicle.

  • License for Heavy Commercial Vehicle: The license holder of this should get a permit to control heavy goods carriages or passenger carriers used for commercial purposes.

  • Two-wheeler with gear: The license holder should get the legal permit to control bikes, scooters with gear which falls under the Motor Cycle with Gear (MCWG).

  • Two-wheeler without gear: The license holder can control two-wheelers like moped bikes or scooters without gears, etc. that come under the Motor Cycle without Gear (MCWOG).

  • Two-wheeler with engine capacity of less than 50 cc: The applicant should be as young as 16 or above. The application for this requires the legal consent of the applicant’s parents or guardians.

It’s worth noting that the cab and auto-rickshaws can be controlled by who have personal LMV license.

3. Types of Vehicle Registration offered by Chandigarh RTO

Like the RTO offices in other cities, there are two types of vehicle registration that can be issued by the  RTO Chandigarh:

  • Temporary Vehicle Registration: This type of vehicle registration can be issued for a newly-purchased vehicle and can be used within the first 7 days to 1 month from the day of purchasing. After this period, the vehicle’s owner has to apply for permanent vehicle registration.

  • Permanent Vehicle Registration: It is a mandatory certificate for any vehicle. The vehicle’s owner should apply for the permanent vehicle registration with all required documents at the RTO as soon as possible after having the vehicle delivered.

RTO offices in Chandigarh - registration image


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4. Departments of RTO office in Chandigarh

The administrative structure of the RTO Chandigarh is divided into two departments: Registration & Licencing Authority (RLA) and the State Transport Authority (STA).

Registration and Licencing Authority (RLA): This department is assigned with the responsibility of issuing the driving license and registration of the vehicle. This includes:

  • Learner’s license and regular driver’s license

  • Duplicate license and Renewal of driver’s license

  • Issue International driver’s license

  • Registration of new vehicles

  • Renewal of Registration Certificate and Duplicate Registration Certificate

  • Issue vehicle ownership transference

  • Issue No Objection Certificate (NOC)

State Transport Authority (STA): This department is responsible for the issuance of RC and Permits including:

  • Issue Registration of vehicle from another state

  • Transfer of ownership within the state

  • Transfer of ownership in case of death

  • Issue and Renew of CC Auto permit

  • Issue and Renew of PSV/School bus permit

  • Issue and Renew of a Truck Permit

  • Issue and Renew of Taxi’s local permit

  • Terminate hypothecation agreement

That concludes our complete list of RTO Chandigarh where we provide the office address, code, website, functions, and departments. For the latest information about the RTO office in India and car news, please visit us at IndianAuto.com!

Note: This aforementioned information is collected from government sources combined with online websites. Check and verify the details on official government websites before coming to the final decision

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