Son Gifts Father A Long-Lost Maruti 800 That Was Sold Many Years Ago

by Harish Kumar | 07/02/2021
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Here we have a touching story about a son who gifts his father a "long-lost" Maruti 800 that was sold many years back.

We often feel a vivid emotional connection to the vehicles we drive, especially the very first one that we own. Here we have such a beautiful story showing a son who spent many years finding his father’s very first Maruti 800 that had been sold years ago. It is the greatest gift to the father on his birthday ceremony, isn’t it?

maruti 800 red front angle

The story happened in Kozhikode district of Kerala where a son was consistently finding his father’s first car which had been sold many years back. The father, Abdul Nazer, had sold his first vehicle, the Maruti 800 in 2007 but he couldn’t resist a huge emotional connection to this car after selling it. However, he soon regretted selling the car and wanted his old Maruti 800 back. After a while, Abdul Nazer’s son, Niyas Ahammed, was in search of the vehicle.


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Abdul Nazer, who is currently working as a vehicle supervisor of Kerala State Transport Corporation had bought a 1985 Maruti 800 back in 1992. The car had been with the family for around 15 years before Nazer sold it to another person to buy a new car in 2007. Just like his father, Niyas Ahammed also had a great memory with the old Maruti 800. Niyas had been actively finding the “long-lost” Maruti 800 for quite a long time. By then, the car was transferred from one to other multiple times and they couldn’t track the current owner details of the vehicle.

old maruti 800 front three quarters


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In 2012, they found that their Maruti 800 was currently in Kottayam but they couldn’t identify who was the owner back then. While Mr Nazer was losing his hope and thought that the vehicle must have been scrapped but his son wasn’t. In 2019, Niyas again found out that the old hatchback was with its new owner named Umesh in Thiruvananthapuram. Initially, Niyas came to meet the current owner and asked to buy the car but unfortunately, the owner was not interested in selling the car at that time. After that, Niyas kept contact with Umesh to convince him that this car meant a lot for his father and his family. Eventually, Umesh agreed to sell the Maruti 800 to Niyas for the price of Rs 1 lakh that month.

The car was very well-maintained and in good condition. It then became a special gift to his father, Mr Nazer on his 54th birthday celebration. It should be the greatest present son could gift to dad on his birthday, right?

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