How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number

by Vivaan Khatri | 04/10/2020
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The registration number can help you find out the vehicle owner details. Here is how to find the registered owner of a vehicle.

The registration number is a series of letters and numbers that is unique to a vehicle. The registration number is similar to the ID number of the automotive world. It is required by the government that every car should be registered and have its own registration number. Moreover, the registration number is also important information that is required in every legal process related to your vehicle.

how to find the registered owner of a vehicle red vehicle number plate

The registration number is a unique code that is used to identify a vehicle 

In real-life situations, the registration number is a useful clue to identify the origin of a vehicle and the identity of the vehicle owners. It is highly important in a hit-and-run situation. The registration number is a useful clue that helps you find out the owners of the vehicle. Or, if you are about to buy a used car, using the registration number is one way to check the vehicle details. Many people might be aware of these practical meanings of the registration number. However, not everyone knows exactly how to find the registered owner of a vehicle. IndianAuto will give you some simple tips to check these details using the registration number.


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Where you can find vehicle owner details?

To make the vehicle registration number database accessible for every citizen to access, the Government and the Ministry of Road and Transport and Highways introduced VAHAN, an online national vehicle registry. The database of VAHAN includes all the important vehicle details like the registration number.

Also, the VAHAN system is a website that gathers all information related to the driving licences and registration certification details from all the District Transport Offices and Regional Transport Offices across the nation.

How to find vehicle owner details by registration numbers - Online and SMS

VAHAN is an important destination for citizens to check the vehicle registration details. Here is the guideline to find the vehicle details using the registration numbers.

  • Visit the VAHAN website at

  • Select “Know Your Vehicle Details” on the top of your page

  • Enter vehicle registration number on this page and finish the verification process

  • Hit “Search Vehicle” and the owner details will be shown up

  • Take note of the vehicle details

Besides visiting the VAHAN website, there is also another way to check vehicle registration details via SMS.

  • Text “VAHAN Vehicle registration number. For example, VAHAN AB12CD3456

  • Send to 7738299899

Then you will receive the details of that vehicle via SMS.

What vehicle information can you find on VAHAN?

After finishing these steps, you will be provided with the following details:

  • Registration Number/Date

  • Chassis and Engine Number (Not fully revealed)

  • Vehicle Owner Name

  • Vehicle Class/Type

  • Fuel Type

  • Make and Model

  • Registration Expiry Date

  • Insurance Expiry Date

  • Road Tax Info

  • PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate) Expiry Date

  • Registration Certificate Status

  • Emission Norms Details

  • Name of financer

how to find the registered owner of a vehicle details on vahan website

VAHAN will give you the vehicle details using the registration number 

When will you need to use the registration numbers?

There are three major scenarios where you will find the registration number useful:

  • Hit-and-run case: In some road accidents, the driver/motorist in charge of the accident might try to avoid responsibility by running away. However, if you remember the registration number of the fleeing vehicle, you can track the identity of the vehicle owner and might find out information of the driver.

  • Inspection of used vehicle: One useful application of the vehicle registration number is to inspect a used vehicle. Some used car sellers might try to scam buyers by giving false information. One way to check if sellers are giving correct information is to use the registration number to confirm the car details.  

  • No objection certification: Thanks to VAHAN’s centralized database, RTOs can access your vehicle details. So, you might not have to present the No Objection Certification for the officer at RTO offices.

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