This Tata Altroz Gets CNG Kit, User Explains All Problems & Solutions on Video

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 31/08/2020
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A sequential CNG kit is fitted on to this Tata Altroz. However, it fails to deliver the claimed performance. Why? The owner explains the reason here.

CNG is quite an important fuel in the modern era. With CNG as a fuel, the overall running cost comes down drastically. Therefore, carmakers like Hyundai, Maruti, and Ford are offering their vehicles with factory-fitted CNG kits. However, Tata Motors does not offer the option of CNG on any of its vehicles. Nevertheless, one can always fit a CNG kit in his/her car as an aftermarket fitment. Here’s a story of an Altroz owner who did the same, but experienced a lot of issues. We came across this story via the YouTube video of Zuby Ustad. In the video, the host explains that a CNG kit should only be installed by a proficient technician.


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He explains, he got an expensive CNG kit of a well-known brand installed on his Honda City. However, the kit never performed up to the mark, thus, leaving him with great disappointment in the brand. However, he later came across a sound technician, who was capable of identifying the faults in the installation and calibration of the CNG kit. Also, he rectified the faults, and the car performed with no issues. On the same note, an Altroz owner contacted the video host. According to the host, the Altroz owner installed 2 kits of different brands on his Altroz, but he removed them after failing to receive the claimed results.

Tata Altroz Gets Fitted CNG, User Explains the Issue & Rectification [VIDEO]


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In a bid to try again with the same technician that the host got his Honda City rectified from, the Altroz owner contacted the YouTuber. Then, he got a new CNG kit installed on his Altroz again. This time as well, a sequential kit was installed on his Altroz. The video shows the complete process of the installation. It is done with utmost cleanliness, and the fitting hardly looks messy at any point. Talking of the performance, the owner claims it is better now. The Altroz no longer loses any power now, which was a case with kits installed earlier. Therefore, it is evident that to extract the best performance with a CNG kit, it should always be installed by experienced hands.

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