Tata Altroz iTurbo vs Diesel 0-100 kmph Acceleration Comparison

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 27/01/2021
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Tata Altroz is now available with a turbo-petrol motor in the new iTurbo trim. Here's how it performs against the turbo-diesel variant of the Altroz in a 0-100 kmph acceleration run. Take a look at it here.

Tata Altroz iTurbo has just been launched in the Indian market with a new turbo-petrol motor. This engine comes from the Nexon, but produces lower power and torque figures here. It is capable of dishing out 110 PS against 140 Nm. Apart from this engine, the Altroz is also available with a 1.5L turbo-diesel and a 1.2L naturally-aspirated petrol motor. The oil burner produces a peak power output of 90 PS and max torque of 200 Nm. The naturally-aspirated motor is rather docile, with only 86 PS and 113 Nm on the tap. Thus, we thought of putting the turbocharged iterations of the Altroz against each other to see which one’s quicker off the line.


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If you always wanted to know how much time does the Altroz takes to reach the 100 kmph on the speedo with its turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel engine, the above video is for you. For this test, both the cars were used in their respective performance modes, City in the diesel trim and Sport in the iTurbo trim. A total of three attempts were made to ensure the accuracy of the results to last decimal places. In the first attempt, iTurbo variant took the lead by clocking a 0-100 kmph timing of 11.23 seconds. The diesel, however, took 12.35 seconds for the same. In the next attempt, timing reduced to 11 seconds for the iTurbo variant and 12.32 seconds for the diesel trim.

Tata Altroz iTurbo vs Diesel, Tested for 0-100 kmph Timings


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Cars and drivers gave their best performances in the final attempt. As a result, turbo-petrol-equipped iTurbo trim reached the 100 kmph mark in 10.83 seconds, whereas the diesel-powered Altroz took 12.15 seconds. With these numbers, it is evident that turbo-petrol Altroz is quicker at doing the 0-100 kmph run in comparison to its diesel counterpart. However, the difference is minute and can be easily ignored. For now, the Altroz is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox only, irrespective of the powertrain you choose. A 7-speed DCT will likely be making its way to the iTurbo trim sometime later this year.

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