Even Mumbai Floods Can't Stop a Tata Nexon EV!

by Mohammed Burman | 08/08/2020
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The Tata Nexon EV can easily overcome the floods in Mumbai, thanks to its high ground clearance and water wading capacity. Do not believe us? Check out the video and details below

The Tata Nexon EV is one of the most popular and best-selling EVs in the Indian auto market, thanks to its decent travelling range, top-notch features, including the safety kit which help ensure high safety standards, and an aggressive price tag. What's noteworthy here is that the EV also has decent ground clearance and water wading capacity, which helps it have excellent off-road capabilities. This is also the reason why a Tata Nexon EV was recently seen easily making its way on the flooded streets of Mumbai.


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For the last few days, Mumbai has suffered from flood-hit streets due to heavy rains. Most parts of the city have been flooded and a notice has been issued by the Government which requests the city citizens to stay inside. The daily life of the residents have been negatively affected, which is likely to continue for the next one or two days. Many cars and bikes have been submerged or swept away by the water.

Nevertheless, the video we have above will surely impress you. A Chembur-resident recently decided to take his Tata Nexon EV out for a spin. Surprisingly enough, the electric SUV could easily sail through the knee-level water. 

tata nexon ev overcoming mumbai floods

The Tata Nexon EV comes with an IP67 rating lithium-ion battery package which has been thoroughly tested underwater, in fire and in shock conditions. The motor is able to generate 129 PS against 245 Nm. It can be either used in Normal mode or Sport mode, with the latter increasing the torque figure by up to 60%. The travel range of the Tata Nexon EV is claimed to be around 312 kilometres per charge, which can come down to about 250 kilometres in the real-world driving conditions.


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The Tata Nexon EV can be fully charged in six to eight hours using a home AC charger. If you use a fast charger or a public charging station, the EV can be charged up to 80% in only 50 minutes. Moreover, the electric SUV is equipped with a wide range of top-notch features that include automatic headlights, digital speedometer, electric sunroof, hill-hold control, rear parking camera and rear parking sensors. It is priced from INR 13.99 lakh to INR 15.99 lakh.

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