Tata Nexon Shows Its Rough-road Capabilities In 15 Real-world Scenarios – Video

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 16/09/2020
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Tata Nexon is a 2WD sub-compact-SUV with high ground clearance and powerful engines. These aspects help it do mild off-roading as well. Here's a video compilation showcasing the Nexon taking over some tough obstacles.

Tata Nexon is a fairly capable SUV. It is loved for its supple ride quality and acceptable highway manners. However, it also boasts of adequate off-road capabilities. Videos of Nexon attempting water crossings in the barren Himalayas and city chaos are all over the internet. Also, one can come across clips, where the Nexon can be seen climbing up the dunes. We too came across a compilation of 15 such clips, where the Nexon is showcasing the best of its off-road potential.

In the first clip, an example of Nexon can be seen attempting a water crossing in reverse gear. Moving over the next one, one can see a red Nexon trying a fast-flowing stream somewhere in the Himalayas. Also, this one has a loose bed, thus it becomes really tough to cross the patch, but the Nexon gets through it without much of a hassle. In the next one, a Nexon owner can be seen having fun on a beach. The subsequent video shows a Nexon endeavouring a steep climb on a sand dune. Attempting these obstacles seems like an easy affair, but the soft terrain makes it tough for most 4X4 SUVs as well.


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Furthermore, this compilation includes clips where a Nexon can be seen crossing a freshly ploughed field. Also, there’s another video where a Nexon gets stuck on a cliff on Rohtang Pass, which was eventually pulled out with making people sit on the bonnet. This way, the driver had increased weight on the front axle. Thus both the tyres had a firm contract with the road. Similarly, in the clips ahead, the Nexon can be seen performing at its best in mud, snow, and on the rocks.

Tata Nexon Showcases Its Off-road Capabilities In 15 Real-world Scenarios – Video

Helping the Nexon take over these obstacles is its ground clearance of 209 mm, which is higher than that of the Harrier and even Jeep Compass TrailHawk. Another aspect that aids the Nexon’s potential is the torque that its engine options offer. The Nexon is offered with a 1.2L petrol engine and a 1.5L diesel engine, which put out a rated torque output of 170 Nm and 260 Nm, respectively.

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