Tata Nexon Pwns Toyota Fortuner and Other Expensive SUVs on a Water-logged Street

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 21/08/2020
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Here's a video that shows a Tata Nexon crossing a water-logged patch of road with ease while other capable SUVs like Toyota Fortuner and Volvo XC90 are scared to cross the patch. Read about the incident here.

Monsoon has arrived in the northern part of the country, and the downpour is breaking records again. As a result, most of the cities with improper drainage systems are now waterlogged, thereby making it tough for citizens to go out for their daily chores. In such conditions, SUVs with high water wading capacity are a boon. Also, if one’s aware of the road conditions around his/her neighbourhood, it helps. Here’s a video that shows a Tata Nexon which easily crosses a water-logged street while other SUVs like Toyota Fortuner and Volvo XC90 look with awe. This video comes from YouTube channel of Mohit Malik. In the video, the host reveals that his Nexon boasts of increased ground clearance as it now runs on a set of A/T tyres.


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The video shows a stranded Volvo XC90 on the water-logged street. However, it can be assumed that perhaps the Volvo’s driver was confused about attempting to cross the water-logged street in his highly expensive SUV. The Nexon’s driver, however, crossed the water-logged patch with quite an ease. On the other end of the street, few more SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes-Benz GLC, and another Tata Nexon can be seen. They were also waiting to see if someone else can cross the water-logged patch before attempting to do so themselves, which in no way is a wrong intention. These cars are better off-roaders than Nexon, but not being aware of the road condition acts as a barrier for them.

Tata Nexon Owns Toyota Fortuner and Other Expensive SUVs on a Water-logged Street


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As it looks like, the Tata Nexon's driver was familiar with the locality and the potholes, if any were there in the first place. Also, if one isn’t aware of the potholes, depth of the water, and the road conditions, attempting to cross such water-logged streets should be avoided. This can cause a lot of problems for the car. In case, the water penetrates into the air-intake, the engine can get hydro-locked. In simpler words, the engine will get seized. Also, various electrical components like ECU, sensors, actuators, AC compressor and throttle body are at a potential risk while a car wades through deep waters. Therefore, it should be ensured that water isn’t deep enough to damage your car and such a patch should be crossed at not more than walking speeds.

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