This Tata Sierra Is Cheaper Than Yamaha R15 V3

by Jatin Chhibber | 07/09/2020
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Here’s a well maintained 1997 Tata Sierra, which is on sale at Rs 1.45 lakh. The SUV is modified with an extra rear door. Take a look at it right here.

Tata Sierra is one of the most popular iconic SUVs in India. But, it was not able to do well in our market because many experts and enthusiasts think that this SUV was introduced way ahead of its time. The automaker was not able to retail too many units of the Sierra in our market, but many enthusiasts around the country still own one. There are also a few options available in the used car market. Here is one such Tata Sierra, which is on sale, and it has been modified extensively. The Tata Sierra you see here is the 1997 model, which makes it around 20 years old but the overall condition of the SUV seems good.


This Tata Sierra Gets a Nexon-Like Touchscreen and a Chandelier!


One can see in the pictures that there are no major scratches or dents on the body of the car. This Tata Sierra is located in Kottayam, Kerala, but the owner has not shared the odometer reading of the SUV. Nevertheless, the post also mentions that the SUV is in top-notch condition and its powertrain works pretty well. The car is quite old, but its registration has been renewed by the seller for five more years. After the registration of the SUV will expire in India, one can renew it multiple times for a duration of five years. Moreover, the car has gone through a fitness test recently, so there's not much of a reliability concern associated with the car. Nevertheless, the SUV is not in its stock form.



Here's a Modified Tata Sierra That wants to be a Mitsubishi Pajero SFX

Earlier, in our market, the car was only available in two-door trim. This is one of the main reasons behind the unpopularity of the Sierra in India. But, this Tata Sierra gets aftermarket fly door on the left side by which passengers can enter the car without any hassle. The seller is demanding Rs 1.45 lakh for the SUV or he’s willing to exchange it with petrol cars like Maruti 800, Mitsubishi Lancer or an old Honda City. Furthermore, the AC of the SUV has also been serviced recently. If you really want to buy this car, you can directly contact the seller by clicking here.

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