Here's Why Tata Sumo is the King of Hills

by Mohammed Burman | 08/08/2020
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The Tata Sumo is not on sale in the Indian auto market anymore, but the vehicle is still the choice of many people who need to overcome rough terrains thrown at them by the mountains

Many people might think that the Tata Sumo is named after Sumo wrestlers from Japan, but this is not correct. It gets its name from the two initials of Mr Sumant Moolgaokar. He is known as the 'architect of Tata Motors' or TELCO, which was the name of the company in the past. Actually, the SUV bears no resemblance to a Japanese wrestler’s appearance. It has a squared-off appearance which creates a tough image and is suitable for rough terrains. This is one of the reasons why it is still one of the most popualr choices for those who want to overcome hilly regions in India.


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The vehicle has now been discontinued but rumours abound that it will come back in a new version in the near future. However, till now, there's no official word on the same by the company. Below, however, we have two videos which will explain why, with the leaf springs, uncomplicated mechanicals and sufficient power sent to the rear wheels, the Tata Sumo is still the best choice for those who have to deal with rough terrains in hilly areas. 

The reason why the Tata Sumo is such an ideal vehicle for use on hilly terrains in India is that the SUV utilizes old mechanicals; therefore, it requires a low repair cost and can be fixed by the driver himself or a road-side mechanic with simple tools. The Tata Sumo usually serves as taxis in the Himalayan regions in India with passenger and luggage filled to the fullest.


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Landslides and poor weather are very common in India; therefore, these vehicles often have to overcome routes where no level ground and tarmac are available. After conducting many journeys like these, the drivers develop amazing skills to successfully drive the fully-loaded vehicles over difficult circumstances. The Tata Sumo was also available with a 4x4 drivetrain system; however, these vehicles have been tweaked for the fleet sector, exports and the armed forces. Underpinned by a body-on-frame platform, the rear axle of the SUV was reinforced for off-road usage. The front suspension system consists of a twin swinging trapezium and a torsion bar whereas a Salisbury-type beam rear axles with antiroll bar and parabolic leaf springs have been utilized in the rear. In its life, the Sumo has experienced many alterations in its powertrain options. The newest version of the UV, the Sumo Grande, received its power from a modern 2.2-litre DICOR motor.

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