Check Out These Four Most Impressive Tata Tiago Accessories

by Mohammed Burman | 15/07/2020
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If you want to make your Tata Tiago more attractive and modern, read this article to discover some of the most impressive Tata Tiago accessories.

The Tata Tiago is currently the best-selling model in the homegrown carmaker's product portfolio. The A2-segment hatchback has a lot going for it but ultimately, let's not forget that it's a budget car, which means a high equipment level isn't exactly its strength. However, there are many official accessories you can use to make your Tiago a tad more well-equipped. Here, in this post, let's have a look at the four most impressive Tata Tiago accessories - 


There is a wide range of touchscreen options for you to choose from. These start at a very affordable price, under INR 3,000 and go above INR 10,000. Blaupunkt is highly recommended. Being priced under INR 10,000, it is not the best option but is a highly reliable brand of touchscreen systems. This is a universal touchscreen and can be easily fitted to your car. Having your car equipped with this system, you will never have to worry about the electrical faults of the car. Besides, Auto Snap and Shoolin are also good options. The lower the price is, the lower quality is. Therefore, you should not hesitate to invest a high amount of money in a good touchscreen system.

blankpukt infotainment


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Body cover

Another Tata Tiago accessory is the NAVAM body cover which is a ceramic coating for the cars. This cover is water-proof and can protect the car’s body paint from wear and tear in many situations. At the bottom of the cover, there is a bubble lock which prevents the car from slipping in strong winds, which makes it safer for cars to be parked in open areas. This accessory is very useful and cost-effective.

navam car body cover


This Tata Tiago accessory package includes black and red Nappa Magnum art leather seat covers, 3D diamond black and red car mats, microfibre cloth, car steering cover and also a car perfume. These can make your Tata Tiago become more fashionable, especially during your family holiday.

tata tiago accessory package


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These are 7D mats with excellent quality. They are designed in a way that can reduce the dirt, liquid and other materials that get accumulated on the floor mats. A good texture is also offered for the car as well. The mats are very soft and comfortable. It is portable and also very easy to be cleaned. These are also non-toxic, latex-free and odourless.

7d car mats

Above are four Tata Tiago accessories that will add more beauty and modernity to your Tata Tiago. Hope that this article will help you choose the most ideal accessories for your Tata Tiago.

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