This Honda Civic Goes TOPLESS

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 07/12/2020
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The old Honda Civic has a small but loyal fanbase in India, with owners making all sorts of mods to their cars. But what happens when you go extreme with your mods? We have an example here for you to see.

The Honda Civic moniker has been in constant use for over 50 years and it is one of Honda’s most recognizable names in its lineup. It first came to India in 2006 to much fanfare, but slow sales meant it was discontinued in 2012. But it did garner a cult following among  Indian enthusiasts due to its balanced ride and handling plus had a 1.8-litre petrol VTEC N/A petrol engine, Honda’s signature. Typical Honda reliability meant the engine could be easily tuned without any issues as well. But sometimes owners may like to go in a different direction to make their cars unique, and we have got one example here.


Next Generation Honda Civic Could Look A Lot Like This

In the picture that you can see here, we have got the 2006 generation Honda Civic which has gone to the body shop and had its roof lopped off. It makes the vehicle a four-door soft-top convertible now, with what looks like a brown leather roof stowed away. This modification is an attention grabber as you won’t see anything like this one on the roads, making it truly unique. But before you think of doing something similar to your vehicle, we would give you a heads up. Aftermarket mods like these make the vehicle lose its structural integrity, as the pillars and roof weren’t meant to be hacked away. Put simply, this will result in the car losing a lot of its strength, which may lead to further complications and will greatly reduce its safety during a crash. Manufacturers spend millions on research and development for a new car, and if they make a convertible, they’ll make sure it passes the most stringent of integrity tests. A mod like this may look cool but you’re giving away your safety for it. 


2020 Honda Civic BS6 Diesel Launched At Rs 20.75 Lakh

Speaking of the Honda Civic, it returned after a hiatus of 6 years with an all-new generation first showcased at the 2018 Indian AutoExpo. Currently, it is the highest-selling executive sedan in the market and is priced between Rs 17.93 lakh – Rs 22.34 lakh, ex-showroom. You get a choice of either a petrol or diesel, with the former a 1.8-litre i-VTEC petrol making 140 PS/174 Nm of peak power and torque while the oil burner is a 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit which churns out 120 PS/300 Nm of max power and torque figures.

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