This Is A Ford Endeavour Limousine Which Is “Made In India”

by Mohammed Burman | 10/07/2019
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A Ford Endeavour has recently received an updated interior and well-designed exterior to be completely modified into a stretch limousine.

General information about the Ford Endeavour

The Ford Endeavour is among the most popular under INR 40 lakh big-size SUVs in India. The newest-gen Endeavour, which is replete with a wide range of convenience and premium features, has been one of the dominators in the SUV segment for quite some time now. The outgoing model was quite a wonderful SUV during its time and you can still regularly catch sight of it on the Indian roads. Recently, a video shows a previous-gen Ford Endeavour which has received a list of alterations to become a stretch limousine has been published. Firstly, have a look at the video to get the first sight of this made-in-India Ford Endeavour Limousine before going into details about how it looks in terms of both the outside and the inside.

The Ford Endeavour has been comprehensively modified to become a limousine

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The modified Ford Endeavour Limousine


This Ford Endeavour has been fully converted into a full-fledged stretch limousine. Whereas we have witnessed stretch limousines which are customized from sedans or the Scorpio, an Endeavour Limousine has never witnessed a precedent before. Here, while the people who did the modifications have tried to maintain the original look of the vehicle, there are still quite a few alterations made to both the exterior and the interior. Note that this type of modifications is illegal to be driven on Indian roads and would be towed away by the police if spotted to be operating. However, there are still chances for this impressively modified vehicle to show to the public in private areas and events in which any types of modifications are allowed.

modified Ford Endeavour limousine white angular left with the owner in the front

The Ford Endeavour has received some modifications to look like a limousine

Above is enough for general information. Sorry if you find that we have beaten around the push a little bit. Now, let’s come to the details about the modification job done to the Ford Endeavour to fully convert it into a stretch limousine. As regards the exterior, the bumper has been integrated with aftermarket bullbars with two auxiliary lights. An LED bar has been positioned on the top and the black roof rails stretch along the roof. The outside rearview mirrors have been substituted with LED blinkers. The rear of the car features a top spoiler with a redesigned bumper and LED taillights. The central body has also been customized then attached to the modified front and rear after being cut apart.


modified Ford Endeavour interior

The Ford Endeavour cabin has a lightening system which helps boost the passengers' party mood

Having said that, the interior rather than the exterior is what set limousines apart from other types of vehicles. So, the most outstanding modifications are done to the cabin of the Ford Endeavour. The interior of the Ford Endeavour is a large area with all comfort features. Customized premium sofas run along one side of the limousine; glass housings, wooden counters and stools are present everywhere. The upholstery has a brown-and-beige dual-tone colour combination, which matches with other interior colours. A wide array of convenience features are equipped on the vehicle, including a 21-inch LED screen, an audio system, a mini fridge, a battery-powered inverter, a sofa cum bed, an electric sunroof and curtains around the windows. As can be seen in the video, the car has also been equipped with an effective In Car Entertainment system with custom LWS Disco lightening, which will help boost the mood with the lights on to be suitable for a party.

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Generally, the modifications done to this Ford Endeavour is pretty good and it is certain to catch the attention. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, it is illegal to be driven on public roads but is a perfect vehicle for private events with the ability to boost all the passengers’ party mood. 

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