Most Stunning Tata Xenon Modifications in India

by Mohammed Burman | 20/02/2019
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The Tata Xenon is one of the most modifiable SUVs of Tata Motors. Read on to discover 5 most impressive customized Tata Xenons in India.

With a presence in the Indian auto market for quite some time, the Tata Xenon is now mostly a commercial vehicle. However, many enthusiasts have bought it for personal use. Being a potential pick-up truck for customisation, there are many modified models of the Tata Xenon available not only in India but also in the international market. Below are five of the best modified Tata Xenons in India.


As its name suggests, this modification is the most extreme one based on the Tata Xenon in the Indian auto market. It is equipped with a new grille, restyled bumpers with new bull bar for enhanced off-road capacities. Furthermore, 42” light bar is placed on the roof, and the suspension is lifted, helping it have a more aggressive appearance. Thanks to the large off-road tyres which are housed in the extreme flared wheel arches, the vehicle even looks wider and more intimidating.

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Tata Xenon extreme modified front

This Tata Xenon is the most extreme modification in India

Mad off-roader

The Tata Xenon is equipped with an all-wheel-drive system with a low-ratio transfer case. The vehicle has been completely customised to become more capable. A lift kit is added for a raised ground clearance. It also gets new tyres which can function well in mud terrain and a bulbar attached to the aftermarket off-road steel front bumper. Aftermarket lamps are also equipped on the vehicle so that it can be driven safely even in the night. The flatbed of the car is covered by a canopy, which makes its covered space increase.

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Tata Xenon Mad off-roader black righr angular

This Tata Xenon has been modified to make it more capable

Full cover

This modified Tata Xenon resembles a big badass SUV with the flatbed completely covered by a canopy and the windows in the canopy. Other modified features include an aftermarket grille and headlights as well as a body kit which includes aftermarket chrome alloy rims and flared wheel arches. All of these features alters the way the Tata Xenon looks, making it hard for the non-experts to realize that it is a Tata Xenon at first sight.

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Tata Nexon Full cover black right angular

With these customizations, the Tata Nexon resembles a big badass SUV


Specifically customised for long journeys, this Tata Xenon pick-up truck is packed with a fabric canopy placed over the flatbed which can be utilised as a tent. The vehicle is also equipped with aftermarket head lights and additional lamps attached to the roof-carrier. Moreover, it features a new bumper integrated with a mechanical winch and bigger spec tyres mainly designed for improving the off-road capabilities. A snorkel is positioned just above the headlamp, which allows the vehicle to function well in the water.

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Tata Xenon Touring grey right angular

This Tata Xenon has been customized for the purpose of being used in long journeys


The Tata Xenon looks quite aggressive and tough in its original form. But in this modified version, it looks completely different. In the front, the modifications consist of an aftermarket blacked out headlamps and an off-road bumper which has replaced the original grille. On the side profile, it gets a large LED lamp attached to the roof and off-road tyres with flared wheel arches. Last but not least, it comes with a canopy which covers the rear flatbed. All of these customized features create an attractive vehicle, different from the tough original one.

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INDIA'S FIRST MODIFIED TATA XENON (2018) off-road | beauty | sexy | Koch | Kerala

Above is a list of five most well-known Tata Xenon modifications in India. The pick-up truck has been customised with various extra functions: to go in long journeys, to function well in the water and the night or just to make it more attractive. Which modification in the list impresses you most? Share with us in the comment section below.

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